Donation Tracking Software for Non-Profit Finance Managers

With Andar Software solutions you know where every dollar and cent from your donors are at all times. Leave your audit and compliance worries behind, and easily enter, manage, reconcile, and distribute funds.

Audit Tracking

We keep an audit trail to track changes made in all areas of our software. So you can quickly identify when and what changes are made to gifts each month. 


What goes in must come out. Pick your report preference. We have printable reports, Excel exports, dashboards, graphs, drill-down lists, and more. Can't find it? We'll help you make it.

Credit Card Processing

Our solutions are integrated with credit card processors so you can enter and charge in one action. Or, if you prefer, upload gifts and pledge payments from an outside system.  

GL Integration

Set up your general ledger information for easy reconciling and reporting between your fundraising and finance systems.

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