Helix is pleased to announce Release 2017.02 of Andar/360. “Andar, our flagship product, continues its relentless growth to address the ever-changing needs of our customers.” said Réal Bédard, President of Helix. “Earlier this year, we’ve added support for Text messaging directly from Andar and we’ve opened our database to external integration with our new API. Now, with this new Service Pack, we are providing new features for pledge processing, online giving and automated workflows, to list but a few.”

Henry Ning, Development Director, adds “In addition to last minute enhancements requested by customers, this second Service Pack of the year delivers supplementary enhancements to new features delivered this past January and provides foundational changes to the product that will facilitate next year’s development strategy.” Project numbers accompany most of the enhancements discussed in this document so customers can obtain additional details.

Finance and Pledge Processing
This Service Pack is delivering many enhancements for finance and pledge processing users. We have added the ability to quickly generate a statement of account for a single donor (94011) and updated the sample Thank-You letters provided with Andar (103009).
When expiring staff accounts, Andar will now notify you if there are alerts defined for that employee (103314). Alert emails can now include donor contact information so your RD staff can immediately contact donors to thank them for their gift (105981).

We have also improved bank deposit handling for adjustment envelopes (102679) and expanded the ability to move transactions from one envelope to another (103884). The Transaction Register Report has been improved to allow standard date range selections (105775).

We have streamlined the importing of transactions by ensuring users validate the entire file prior to processing it (56412). Data mining has also been expanded to included campaign year in the selection and extraction of gift relationships (104635). We have created a new organization donor statistics “roll-up” dashboard app (104686) to sum-up totals from all subsidiaries. The employee relationship table now shows the department number of each employee (105618).

We have made a number of enhancements to MIG’s workflow plans to increase versatility in handling customer journeys, donor engagement and internal processing workflows. We have added a new “else” condition to make it easier to control the workflow decision branches (105636). We have created a new task to integrate the Connector import tool into plans. Now data accumulated in a plan can be used to automatically update donor information through Connector (103929). For customers with Andar’s new Texting (SMS) module, we have added a “Send Text” task (103588) and a new “delay” task (104979) to control timing of the workflow. Andar plans can also wait for a donor to read or click a link within emails (105204) before continuing with the conversation or perform other functions.

All of these new enhancements allow you to build sophisticated engagement workflows to automatically communicate with donors and respond to situations.

Andar’s MIG module provides enhanced tools for prospecting and engaging new donors. In this Service Pack, we have redesigned the Prospect Forecast Report for easier monthly/quarterly reporting (104485). The Prospecting Metrics dashboard app has been expanded to calculate forward and backward velocity of prospects (105108). We also expanded Andar Connector to import prospecting information (102260). The Andar prospect screen now includes a “target account,” ideal for tracking event sponsorship prospects (95745).

As more customers use Andar to manage their events, we have greatly improved Andar’s Event Management module. The list of event attendees now includes last year and current year pledge (47202) and we’ve added a “Send Text” button (104980) for easy and instant communication. The Event Roster Report now includes the table placement information (104508).

We also improved the online event management web page to include a secure drop-down selection list of event occurrences (98609).

Executive Plus
Staying on top of your ever-changing organization is critical. With Andar’s Executive Plus module you can now create custom queries that will automatically pop-up a window when specific data conditions are found in your database (103338).

Bar charts have been enhanced to support an additional y-axis data set (103352), color indicators, tool tips, and easier to manage ribbon charts (104537).

All filters in all tables displayed in Andar now support pie charts, bar charts, and thermometers (103591). Users can now easily create and save multiple filters to display information in various chart formats.

This Service Pack includes a new Mailing List Monitor dashboard app similar to the Subscription Monitor app to track your mailing list responses (103626). We also added a new “Send test” button on email templates so they can be more easily tested prior to first use (104027).

Andar’s e-Community Suite of modules has been the focus of significant enhancement in recent years and this Service Pack is no exception. We are continuing with our re-factoring of all web pages with a mobile-first design strategy.

We have added the ability for web users to rerun reports from the “My Output” web page (78364). We added a new “Javascript” tab on the stylesheets in Andar to facilitate the management of javascript libraries (102918). We also added new substitution variables containing your master account (your organization) name for use in emails and letters (103175). This makes it easier to build and share templates between customers.

Some years ago, we created “Web Portlet Notes” that can be set up on any account and included anywhere in web pages or emails to customize content for those accounts. In this Service Pack, we created a new bio-tab app to display and manage these Web Portlet Notes (103589). With this new feature, your RD staff can easily enter personalized messages that will be displayed on individual donor’s web pages.

When account numbers are available as substitution variables, Andar will automatically include the encrypted version of the account number as a variable (104125). This is very useful when you wish to include profile images on the web (read more).

Andar supports drag & drop as well as pasting of images from external sources into documents. Andar will now automatically convert older “bmp” (bitmap) images into “png” format which are more globally accepted on the web (104364).

Providing the tools to improve donor retention and facilitating online giving is paramount for Andar. We continue to significantly enhance e-Pledge to meet or exceed donor expectations in an online giving tool. This Service Pack includes changes to the user experience flow for continuous/recurring gifts (106373 and 103573).

Individual and corporate donors can also review their account statement online and make payments (97532). Now donors who leave their workplace can continue to pay their payroll deduction gifts.

We added more personalization possibilities on the “already pledge” web page (102982).

Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECCs) can now maintain their own email templates so communications can be customized by each employer (99021). When ECCs add new employees, Andar will also use the employer postal code to associate the new employee with their specific company location (102416).

Community Building / Allocations and Outcomes
We have added a new button so agencies can submit an entire application without having to submit each form individually. Agencies are also able to reopen a form item previously submitted (100631).

In Andar, staff are now able to view all assignments to a program evaluation form (104714). Staff can also use Andar Connector to mass-upload agency descriptions (100636) as well as allocations, funding, and documents (100639).

This Service Pack also includes a new variation of the Logic Model Report (100609).

We have made many changes to the e-Volunteer module. Only the highlights are discussed here. Agency administrators can now immediately change the status of opportunities online (103169).

We have improved the volunteer opportunity search results page (103630) and introduced a new stylesheet to control and customize the volunteer calendar web page (103637).

An email address is now required when volunteers submit their application to a volunteer opportunity (102369). We also improved the controls and audit capabilities when volunteers create their teams online (104460).

Service Pack 2017.02 also includes hundreds of other items, too many to discuss here. The service pack table of contents can be found at www.Andar360.com/ServicePacks.