What are plans all about? Why you should use them? Most successful organizations have defined processes that have been fine-tuned and optimized over the years. Examples include the tasks required to run an online workplace campaign, the tasks required to hold a day-of-caring at a company, and the tasks involved in holding a successful event. When the same steps need to be followed over and over again for each, that’s where Andar plans can organize your work.

In Andar, using MIG, you can build a plan containing the steps you need to perform and in what order. You can also build complex workflows with dependencies so that, for example, one task cannot be performed until others are completed. Andar also lets you assign tasks to specific people or departments. Each task can include detailed instructions with attachments. Once your plan is defined, you can assign or mass assign that plan to your constituent accounts or events as needed. Your Andar dashboard can list your to-do tasks as they become due and automatically remove them from your list as they are completed. For example, depending on your plan definition, when you complete a task, the next task to-do could appear on someone else’s list. If you have Outlook Connector, your tasks can be synchronized with Outlook tasks.

Andar plans helps you plan your busy day and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

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