Helix is pleased to announce Release 2016.02 of Andar/360 scheduled for delivery this June. This new release hits our target to deliver more mobile functions and continues to include hundreds of requests submitted by customers.

Our web-based modules continue to accelerate forward with many key developments. We are releasing a new library system to make it easier for customers to manage online images and documents (93054, 94829). We are also introducing versioning capabilities for articles so customers can more easily control website updates (94830). Additionally, articles now support tagging (95083) so our customers’ customers can more easily navigate the web sites and access the related content.

Fundraisers need access to their donor information on their smartphones and so, we continue to add features to our i-Access module (94790) while keeping the platform secure and easy to use. In this release, we have improved filters in all information lists; we included a powerful search function on all web pages; we added a contact maintenance function; and you can now easily create new accounts right from your smartphone.

e-Pledge, Andar’s online giving platform, is also continuing to evolve to meet the demands of our customers' customers. Workplace campaign coordinators can now easily report on giving year-over-year as employees move to different positions within the organization (94461). We also improved the single-signon capabilities of Andar so that organizations can automatically update employee information within Andar as employees login (94748). Gift confirmation emails can now be customized by gift types (95041). Our new “shopping cart” has been enhanced to support write-ins (80407).

“This new release brings focus to our strategy of integrated online giving and volunteering with many significant enhancements to our e-Volunteer module” says Réal Bédard, President of Helix. We have expanded the functionality behind private volunteer opportunities to improve the agency’s ability to build relationships with their community partners (19249). We also improved the sorting and searching of opportunities lists so volunteers can more easily find the opportunities that best suit their needs (92153, 95298). Mr. Bédard continues “Many enhancements to team management and reporting are laying the groundwork for future implementation of our i-Partner strategy (92163, 92148, 95233). In the next few releases you are going to see major developments in crowd fundraising and crowd volunteerism coupled with our online community engagement platform that will propel our customers into a new era. Individuals will be empowered to build their own philanthropy ‘social’ network.”

Andar’s event registration module, i-Attend, has also been enhanced to include new automatic account creation functions (95798, 92154) as well as a new dashboard app to show registration progress compared to prior occurrences (96163).

“Although providing enhancements to our online platform is highly strategic, we continue to enhance our powerful desktop interface.” said Henry Ning, Development Manager. “This new release will make it easier for customers to data mine unprocessed gifts (97094). The MIG module now provides powerful new ‘quick filters’ throughout the application (94526). Dashboards have been significantly enhanced with apps customized for the logged-in user (95689) and the ability to show or hide apps based on the type of accounts being worked with (94350). Senior executives and resource development staff will love our new Time-line app. Now they can view and monitor any changes to any of their accounts over time directly from their dashboard (96753). The Time-line app, like other apps, can also be viewed on mobile devices.”
This new release also includes hundreds of other items, too many to discuss here. The complete table of contents of the service pack can be found at www.Andar360.com/ServicePacks