Helix is pleased to announce Andar/360 Service Pack 2016.01 scheduled for release this January. This Service Pack contains by far the largest set of enhancements ever delivered, hundreds of which were requested by customers.

“This Service Pack is focused on ‘easy.’ We listened to our customers and transformed Andar to closely mirror the interface of smartphones,” said Réal Bédard, President of Helix. “Our users will immediately notice the redesigned main menu (88923) and the much more user-friendly smooth-scrolling lists (87276) throughout Andar. For our e-Community customers, we've replaced the thousands of web options with well organized and easy-to-use panels of related options (63949). Our customers will find launching sophisticated e-Pledge campaigns easier than ever before.”

“Andar stores an enormous amount of data and organizes it extremely well. We've now made it easier for customers to find the information they are looking for, with a new “Find data” feature (89487) available at the top of the main menu and all profiles in Andar. It will search the menu, all dashboards, profile tabs & bio tabs, and locate the information you need more quickly,” said Mr Bédard.

Power users will find the new account drag-n-drop feature (88566) extremely useful to manage and organize accounts. Any account name in Andar can be dragged and dropped into a warehouse, mailing list or other account relationship list. Accounts can also be dragged from any dashboard or profile tab to another or dropped as a link into an email.

This Service Pack leaps forward with a new “mobile-first” web template (91188) that is integrated with Twitter’s Bootstrap platform. This template will make it easy for customers to implement modern websites in Andar for e-Pledge, e-Volunteer, and other web modules. We are also introducing many new responsive email templates that will make it easier for constituents to read emails on their smartphones. These templates are now available for download from our Support Center website (88409).

We know the importance for Resource Development staff to be mobile. In light of this, i-Access has been enhanced with many new apps (86197) for conducting business via smartphone. i-Access now includes innovations such as account links in PDF documents that go directly into your smartphone donor profile app (85968, 91844).

Helix is also very proud to announce our new shopping cart feature (89069) for e-Pledge (coming 2016.01.01). Customers will now be able to easily create “products,” such as an education initiative, which donors can individually select and add to their shopping cart. Donors can then click the “check-out” button and pay via payroll deduction, credit card, or many other forms of payment. The product list is implemented using standard Andar articles. This gives our customers an easy interface to build their product descriptions with graphics and text without needing any special web design or technical skills.

e-Pledge has also been enhanced to facilitate the management of "Sort Fields" (79456, 89450, 89876), which are used by companies to organize their online giving reporting.  Andar can now easily track campaigns year over year and as employees move from one department to another.

e-Volunteer is growing in popularity as companies increasingly demand an integrated solution for their corporate social responsibility mission. We have worked closely with our customers to implement many new features and functions in response to corporate needs. These include significant improvements to the user interface and an easier process for volunteers to enter their hours (91249). We've also improved the mass-email function (90234).

Allocations and Outcomes now has the ability to produce allocation letters to agencies (87910). This new function is easy to implement since it follows the same process as thank-you letters, statements, and receipts already used elsewhere in Andar. We've also added new, year-over-year community indicator charts and graphs that can be placed on dashboards (91203).

We have redesigned the survey analysis report and included color bar charts (63318). Surveys are used extensively in Allocations and Outcomes but can also be embedded in e-Pledge or any other web module.

An important purpose of CRM is to automate the sales process. To this end, we've added critical functions to Andar plans in order to facilitate sales automation. Andar can now automatically assign plans to any new account created online and to constituents who subscribe to a mailing list or complete a survey (91885). Plans have also been integrated more closely with Data Mining so that virtually any data stored in Andar can be used to make ‘next-task’ decisions in workflows (88571). For example, Andar can now automatically assign a workflow plan to a constituent who subscribes to a newsletter online. That workflow could pause for a few days and then send a gift solicitation email to the constituent. Later, depending on whether or not the constituent made a donation and the size of the donation, the workflow could automatically follow up with an event invitation email, notify a major gift officer, or add the donor to the annual solicitation list.

We have also improved the ability to mass-assign plans to groups of accounts either manually or through Data Mining (90758). We've added an activity log to track what tasks were performed on accounts and when. Plans can update user-defined fields on constituent accounts, control the workflow based on user-defined fields or pause the plan until the user-defined field is changed. We've also improved the wait-for-date action to include time so that a task can pause the plan until a specific time of day to improve email open rates.

“The point-and-click graphical flowchart designer for plans is ideal for documenting your organization’s processes. We have added custom text and grouping boxes to flowcharts as well as the ability to color tasks (91332). We've also implemented printing on large format (as large as bus shelter size) PDFs. These can easily be printed at your local print shop and posted on your wall!” said Henry Ning, Development Manager at Helix.

Another major feature of this Service Pack is the redesigned online help library. The new modern look of the online documentation will make it easier for customers to find the information they need. As usual, the new library is also available on our Support Center website (www.Andar360.com/Help/Contents.html).

This Service Pack also includes hundreds of other items, too many to discuss in detail here. The complete table of contents can be found at www.Andar360.com/ServicePacks.