Helix is pleased to announce Service Pack 2015.02 of Andar/360 due for release this June.

Mobility continues to be a dominating theme in this Service Pack. We have made very significant architectural changes that will permit Resource Development staff to update constituent information using their mobile devices through the i-Access module of Andar. Specifically, prospect codes and tracking parameters can now be managed online.

We have enhanced all aspects of our e-Community suite of products, including e-Pledge, i-Access, and e-Volunteer, to support mobile devices through a responsive web design strategy. Furthermore, graphical images are automatically optimized to minimize mobile data-plan consumption.

We have modified e-Pledge to improve user-experience throughout and specifically, when entering corporate and special events gifts. We also modified the way companies can organize their various departments, business units, divisions, etc., to keep historical information for comparison reporting of campaigns. This will also set the stage for more enhancements coming in January, 2016.

We also continue to enhance the productivity of the Andar desktop. We have created a new “Time-line” app that will summarize the changes made to an account in one concise and easy-to-read list with links to the details of the changes.

Constituent names can now be clicked to open their profiles. This feature has also been implemented in PDF reports where constituent names can be clicked to open the profile in Andar, or online, using i-Access. Similarly, we have added a “Copy” button at the top of every profile window to quickly copy the profile link to the clipboard. This link can be pasted in emails to staff so they can open profiles with one click.

Data mining continues to move forward with better selection and data extraction of payments and adjustments as well as summarized designations.

This Service Pack also offers customers countless new easy-to-use features and functions to improve productivity, too many to discuss in detail here. Please refer to our Service Pack table of contents for details (click here).