Helix is pleased to announce Service Pack 2015.1 of Andar/360 due for release this January.

Mobility is a recurring theme in this Service Pack.  This includes very significant architectural changes that will permit Resource Development staff to update Andar information using their mobile devices through the i-Access module.  In the past, this module was restricted to view only. This will no longer be the case.  The first wave of changes included here are focused on constituent contact information update.  The Service Packs to follow will see very significant expansion in all areas of Andar access through mobile devices.

We have modified the web site menus to better support mobile devices and we have updated our web site templates to be “responsive”.  This means that web sites developed using these templates will automatically respond to the device screen size.  Web pages will automatically change to better fit tablets and smart phones, making them readable and easy to use on any device.  Therefore, customers using these templates will automatically have their web site (including e-Pledge) usable on mobile devices.

We are also releasing a new graphical designer for web sites.  This will make it much easier for customers to update their web sites and email templates using a point-n-click interface.

We have expanded our integration with Microsoft Exchange (including Office 365) to better support email uploads from mobile devices.  Again, mobile resource development staff can easily upload emails directly into Andar regardless of the email app used on their tablet or smart phone device.

In this Service Pack, we are releasing single-signon integration with Facebook.  Your staff and constituents will be able to link their Facebook account with their e-Community (including e-pledge) account.  Once linked, they will no longer need to remember user IDs and passwords for e-Community.  This further enables relationship building activities while making it easier for your constituents to give, advocate, and volunteer online.  It will also facilitate growth in peer-to-peer fundraising and other related developments coming soon.

We have also enhanced mailing list management to support new anti-spam laws in Canada and some States.  Andar can be configured to require an explicit “opt-in” before sending emails.  Also, constituents can opt-out of all communications with a single click.  The online subscription management web page has been redesigned to include managing of communication types, subscriptions, and volunteer information shared with agencies.

Unlike the for-profit world, CRM for nonprofits relies heavily on relationships between constituents to engage and fundraise.  These important relationships are often hiding in large databases.  This Service Pack includes a new “Circle of friends” app which makes use of Business Intelligence to uncover these hidden relationships and graphically displays them so you can better approach new prospects.

This release is also providing a new set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for executives to align their staff activities to their strategic plan.  Activities such as data entry, constituent touches, prospect moves, communications, plans, and many others are already being tracked within Andar.  The new KPIs will allow managers to set targets for these activities and monitor staff progress toward targets.   Monitoring tools include various graphical displays and comparative charts.

Other significant enhancements include easier copy/paste between dashboard charts and PowerPoint, improved thank-you letter associations, an alternate leadership view for donor companies, new transactions for one constituent to pay the gift of another constituent, countless reporting enhancements, new data mining functions, and many more.

This Service Pack also offers customers countless new easy-to-use features and functions to improve productivity.