Helix is pleased to announce Service Pack 2014.03, due for release this August.  This Service Pack continues to build on prior development within the product and offers many new tools for our customers.  As usual, customers can upgrade in minutes and take advantage of the new features without any costly data migration or disruptions in their business.  Only a few items are highlighted in this announcement.  Complete details are available on our Service Pack download page.

By far the most critical and exciting enhancements involve our Outlook Connector module.  This module seamlessly integrates Andar with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.  In this release, we’ve added more buttons in Outlook to quickly and easily open constituent profiles in Andar from e-Mails and appointments.  More importantly, we added the ability to brand replies and new e-mails based on the recipient of the e-mail.  With one click, Andar can automatically insert the salutation, signature, and personalized messages in the e-mail.  For example, Andar can automatically add a short thank-you note for a recent gift received from the e-mail recipient.  “Now that’s personalized!” exclaimed Réal Bédard, Executive Vice President at Helix.

We also added a “Quick Entry” button to insert text into e-mails from templates in Andar.  This is a great productivity tool to deliver consistent answers to common questions.

“We also recognize that a significant number of staff are on-the-road and using their mobile devices to manage their e-mails.” said Bédard.  “Everyone has a favorite device and favorite App to manage e-mails.  Using your favorite App or any e-mail client for that matter, you can automatically and easily upload e-mails and calendar appointments into Andar immediately, from wherever you may be–no additional Apps needed!”

More sophisticated customers have a need to implement sophisticated processes.  Therefore, we enhanced Andar plans to support variables.  Variables can be set programmatically from any data in Andar or manually by asking the user to enter a value.  Variables can then be used to select the appropriate path within the workflow.  Variables are also available to be merged when sending e-mails.  All of this new functionality has been incorporated into our graphical workflow designer to make it easy to create your plans.

As is traditional with the August Service Pack, we are delivering last minute enhancements requested by our customers for the coming fall campaigns.  This includes the ability to enter corporate and special event gifts online through our e-Pledge module.  We have also added an option to combine some of the web pages in the employee pledging process to make it easier for donors.

In the “Give now” pledging process, if Andar detects a potential duplicate donor, an e-mail is sent to a staff member so they can immediately decide whether this account is in fact a duplicate and if so,  merge them.

When agencies register online to manage volunteers or submit grant requests, a survey can now be included on the registration page to collect custom information about the agency.We also improved our e-Volunteer module to track detailed volunteer hours for on-going volunteer projects.

We simplified the security settings for i-Access to make it easier for staff to access their constituent profiles through their mobile devices.

To help our many customers who use Andar to manage their e-Newsletters and web sites, we are introducing a new multi-document find/replace function for articles, stylesheets, and web notes.  Now our users can easily and quickly make global changes to hundreds or thousands of documents.

Andar takes web integration very seriously.  We have enhanced the web browser dashboard App to include home, reload, and back buttons.  Additionally, when Executive Plus Apps display as a web page, we’ve added web links to trigger actions or broadcast data to other Apps on the dashboard.  You can also have your users customize their own filters and sort sequence for data displayed in Executive Plus Apps.

We continue to enhance the core gift processing functions of Andar with the addition of new designation summary information on constituent, company, and agency account profiles as well as the associated reports.

We have modernized the look of all bar graphs and pie charts throughout Andar.  The new look will help make dashboards and CEO call reports much more readable.

Many of our customers are taking full advantage of dashboards. So much so, that some customers have more than a hundred different dashboards.  In this release, we are introducing dashboard categories to group dashboards together and make them easier to find and manage.

This Service Pack offers customers many new easy-to-use functions to improve productivity.   Andar continues to grow to support our customer’s changing business needs while providing the most advanced technologies.