Helix is pleased to announce Service Pack 2014.02, due for release this May.  This Service Pack builds on many of the enhancements introduced in January and offers many new tools for our customers.  Only a few items are highlighted in this announcement.  Complete details are available on our Service Pack download page.

One of the more critical enhancements involve significant changes to the processing of credit cards to address the move by CyberSource to a new API.  The new Credit Card process flow is much easier for donors and offers greater branding flexibility for our customers.  We also enhanced e-Pledge to provide a shopping cart capability for designations.  The online e-Pledge reports can now be customized to provide only the spreadsheet columns and sort options required by each specific company.

The ad-hoc data mining report released last January has been enhanced to allow customers to use their own Executive Plus queries as input into the reporting tool.  Now advanced customers can easily create their own very sophisticated reports without third party tools.

We have redesigned the statement process to incorporate it into our content management system.  Like thank-you letters, tax receipts, and general letters, now statements can be printed or e-mailed directly from Andar instead of mail-merging it with MSWord.  Statements can also include marketing messages specifically targeted to each individual constituent or company.  We have also refined our letter generation engine to provide more flexible conditions on each component or paragraph of the letter.

This Service Pack also includes a number of enhancements to dashboards.  Specifically, we are introducing a new dashboard app that will embed dashboards for related constituents.  For example, on an organization’s dashboard, you can display a dashboard for each contact at that organization.  Since dashboards can be printed, you will be able to print a profile of a company which includes a profile of each contact at that company.

Helix is also delivering a number of enhancements in the transaction processing area of Andar.  Specifically, we added update “reason codes” to assist in the auditing of envelopes.  We also improved organization name matching when mass-importing transactions using Andar Connector.

We continue to enhance our e-Volunteer module.  This Service Pack includes the ability to share volunteer opportunities on social networks.  Andar will track who shares opportunities and those who visit the site as a result.  Both constituents are linked in Andar as part of our “Social Network Influencer” strategy. We also included new sorting options on volunteer reports available within Andar.

The i-Attend module was enhanced to facilitate the move of event attendees from one event occurrence to another.  We also improved the ability to resend confirmation emails and other notifications to attendees.

As usual, the May Service Pack offers customers many new easy-to-use functions to improve productivity.   Andar continues to grow to support our customer’s changing business needs while providing the most advanced technologies.