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Maximize Your Pledge Forms

Do you have checkboxes on your pledge forms to solicit Volunteers, Young Leaders, and more? Use Andar Plans with a simple DMO to find these constituents and reach out to them. This process can be fully automated, depending on the schedule you set.

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Is e-Pledge Your Thing?

Would you like to do what you love and be able to work from home? We're growing our team and are looking for a Support Analyst with experience using Andar/360’s web tools to join our Customer Care team.

Take a look at the job description and apply today!

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A Little Competition Can Go a Long Way

Did you know that you can gamify your e-Pledge?

You can add a “Web Rival” relationship so two or more companies can see each other’s fundraising totals and compete. Get that rivalry going to get the results showing!

Gamify My e-Pledge

Why You Should Improve Your Online Presence

Avoid losing donors by making your web presence appealing to all audiences. A cohesive brand across all your online channels, such as pledge pages, social media, and blog will make your organization’s impact shine and bring in more donations.

Need convincing to make your online presence a priority?

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Do You Have a Client Interested in Single Sign-On for e-Pledge?

Andar supports Single Sign-On (SSO) with e-Pledge. The feature allows web users to sign on to their Andar e-Community website from a third party website without having to enter a separate user name and password. Why should you do this? Because the fewer clicks a user has to perform, the better his/her donation experience will be.

Many organizations using e-Pledge have already implemented the Single Sign-On feature. It is a one time set up per company.

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Add a Survey to Your Web Page

You can put up a survey on any e-Community web page by using web notes. To do so, follow the simple steps below:

  • Create a Look & Feel item of the ‘Survey’ portlet type
  • Specify the survey you want to add
  • Create a Look & Feel Container
  • Place the survey portlet into it
  • Add a web note on the page you want to post the survey in
  • Insert the note variable ‘Look & Feel Container’ and specify the above container

Done! When you open the web page you'll see the survey there.

This "Look & Feel" feature can be used for any other portlet types (articles, banners, event list, etc.)

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An Easy Way to Reduce Expenses

It's trendy to talk about being paperless. In fact, we could go as far as saying that it's now an expectation.

Why is "going paperless" such a benefit? A clever answer is the impact on the environment. The quick explanation is that by using less paper, there will be fewer trees cut down, and we (and the earth) need trees for oxygen.

Another intelligent reason for "going paperless" that's a little closer to home is your organization's bottom line. For example, by switching your paper billing to online billing, you can save on printing costs and mailing costs. Your Bill Me donors can view their account balance and billing statements online, plus they can download their latest statement and make an online credit card payment on the same web page. This process, together with emailing PDF statements, cuts on your costs and also empowers the donor by giving them more information when they want it.

Get online statement and payment info below.

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Don't Re-invent the Wheel, Use Style Sheets Instead

Did you know Andar has a library with different digital assets just waiting to be used by you?

Download giving buttons for your e-Pledge website, layouts for your printed Bio Tabs and Dashboards, branded email templates, and much more.

Download Style Sheets

Be the New You!

New styles are available for download to match the 2019.01 "United We Fight / United We Win" Look and Feel templates.

Update your email styles, profile reports and more today!

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Let Your Leaders Prepare Your Roster for You

For many of you, the annual leadership roster involves mail contact to allow leadership donors to confirm their information. While this may be done during the e-Pledge process, not all leadership donors are involved in it.

However, for leadership donors with e-mail, you can develop a survey that presents the current information as the default value and imports data back into the system to capture any changes. Become more familiar with Andar surveys by visiting Customer Support.

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