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General Ledger 101

The GL Interface allows you to create a set of GL accounts for Donor Choice Payouts and Pledge Processing. During Pledge Processing, transactions will be automatically populated with GL debit and credit account numbers for pledges, payments, and adjustments. During a payout, the check data files are populated with the appropriate payable debit and credit account numbers. If your A/R and A/P software permits, data files from Andar/360 can be imported and mapped using these GL accounts. If your software has no import function, the reports can be used to manually post the correct figures to the GL.

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New in 2020.01: Display Task Description in Plan Flow Chart

Andar Plans can become pretty tricky to navigate when you have a lot of tasks in them. In the new release of Andar/360, you'll be able to enter a long description on a task definition and have it displayed directly on the Plan Flow Chart. This new feature is useful for identifying the purpose of a task without needing to open it up.

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Experiencing Envelope Closing Errors?

Some errors encountered while closing an envelope may be unfamiliar to new users. Other errors are rarely encountered and may stump even experienced users. When this happens, find immediate assistance by visiting the "Close Envelope" online help guide.

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Plan Ahead To Implement New Modules

Are you interested in purchasing and implementing any of the optional Andar/360 modules? Visit the link below to see implementation timelines, training, Andar Help, FAQs, and fees.

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Committee and Board of Director portals

Did you know that if you own any Andar/360 web module, you can put together a secure and password protected portal hosting documents and other resources specifically for a committee?

Check out the link below for more information. If you would like an Andar expert to help assemble your portal — send us an email.

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Processing Help

Feeling the campaign pressure? Falling behind or worried about the mounting pile of pledge forms to process?

We can help. Contact us to learn more.

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Set Your Account Search Preferences

Did you know you can set personal preferences, such as searching for 'Active Only' accounts in Andar/360? With this option checked off, the search results will display accounts that have an active status only. Doing this would exclude anyone with a status of 'Deceased,' 'Inactive,' and 'Out of Area.'

Visit Customer Support for descriptions of the options you can enable or disable in Andar/360.

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32-bit Windows Support

Important Reminder: Andar Software will no longer support Windows 32-bit as of January 2020.

As Andar Software continues to grow and take advantage of new technology, we find it more challenging to support old technology. We're currently planning to upgrade Andar/360's internal engine which only supports 64-bit computers — and we'll be moving to this technology in January 2020. As a result, Andar/360 will only run on 64-bit computers with a 64-bit operating system beginning with version 2020.01. (Older versions of Andar/360 will continue to work on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.)

As such, it's an excellent time for you to make an inventory of your computers. The “System” settings on your computers will hopefully show “System type: 64-bit Operating System.” You can also go to to see if any 32-bit machines used Andar/360 in the last month. You'll only see an alert on this page if you have 32-bit machines.

Pledge Transaction Assistance

If you don't have the in-house support to take care of the tedious volumes of work, consider getting outside help from qualified professionals who know their way around the process.

Andar Software can help you enter data, provide monthly transaction reports, run payouts, send monthly donor letters, compile tax receipts, and generate data for all the reports you need.

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Are You Using All the Tools You Own?

Which Andar/360 tools do you have access to? Find out when you visit this webpage.

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