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Tip: Using Multiple Screens

Do you use more than one computer monitor while you work?

You can organize your workspace by putting different Andar/360 dashboards on each of your computer screens. Just click the diagonal arrows at the top-right of your dashboard to pop-out that dashboard into a separate window. Then, you can click and drag that separate window to your other screen. Best of all, Andar will remember this setting for you!

Why Does My Report Say, "Achieved: No"?

If you have the Allocations and Outcomes module (also known as Community Building), you may have seen some of your reports contain, "Achieved: No" in them.

The reason for that is because the value for "Achieved" is not automatically determined by, nor automatically updated by the software. It's also not a value that your agencies/programs can provide for themselves. It's up to you, and your staff, to decide if the program has achieved its goals (on a per-indicator basis). If your organization wants to use the "Achieved" field, it is up to you to set the answer on every Indicator from your agencies/programs.

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Last Minute Receipt/Tax Letter Reminders

Issuing receipts can seem complicated. The easiest way to look at it is by breaking it down to two steps.

  1. Create - Use the Create Receipts menu option to create Pending receipts. While they are Pending you have the opportunity to review/verify your data.
  2. Issue - It’s during the Issue step that receipt numbers are assigned and a record of the receipt is added to the donor profile.

Below are some common obstacles:

  1. When you run the receipts to Pending, a report is created: the Pending Receipts Report. Do NOT use this report to create your receipts. This report is only to verify your data.
  2. After you have submitted the Pending receipts, wait for the job to complete, then refresh or open the Receipts Maintenance screen. The screen can get locked if you’re trying to refresh while Andar is trying to load the new Pending receipts.
  3. When you Issue the receipts, by default receipts that are missing a pecked postal address are not issued. This is true even if you're sending the receipts by email. If you wish to issue receipts regardless of existence of a postal address, you can check the box “Issue receipts without an address.”

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What's the Difference Between a "Relative" Year and a "Four-Digit" Year When Creating Reports?

Whether you're creating a Campaign Report, a Finance Report, or a Community Building Report, you can choose one of the "relative" year options from the Year drop-down list. Every time you run this report, Andar will look at your system preferences to determine what year's data to include in the report results.

On the other hand, if you type a specific "4-digit" year into the Year field on the report submission screen (especially on a Community Building Report), the saved report will always run for that specific year — regardless of the year that's identified in your system preferences.

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Easily Reset Your Hosting Access Password

Forgetting your password in the middle of a busy workday can be pretty cumbersome. Easily and quickly reset your hosting access password without having to log in to the Andar Software Support Center.

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Issuing Tax Receipts for Donations

Receipts for donations made to a fundraising organization can be processed and issued within Andar.

If you don't have the MIG module, Andar will produce a CSV file that you can download and mail-merge into a word processor document with pre-defined letter templates.

If you're licensed for Major Gift, Andar can do the mail merge automatically and produce receipts in PDF format. You can create different Receipt templates, tell Andar which template to use when generating Receipts in PDF format, and email them out to donors.

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Need Andar Hosting Help?

Andar Hosting Customers should now submit requests for hosting and Citrix-related support through the Andar Support Center at The DMC help desk will no longer manage requests for support.

There are three ways in which you may request help:

  1. Create your own project in the Support Center. Select Andar Software Hosting in the Application dropdown menu.
  2. e-Mail
  3. Call the Help Desk at 1-877-479-3780 option 14

Please note that these options are different from the usual methods of requesting support for Andar-related issues. Your hosting-related projects are assigned directly to the Hosting Team, ensuring more efficient handling of these requests.

The links to register for the Self-Service Password Portal, Unlock Account and Forgot Password are now located in the Andar Support Center under the “Hosting” tab. You will also find the links to download Citrix and Tricerat Screwdriver clients for Windows and Mac in the Andar Support Center.

Get Close and Personal with Data Mining

Using data analysis to drive business decisions is a great way to help your organization grow, but what happens if you're not pulling the right data? Or if you're not sure how to extract the data in the first place? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran at data mining operations, the Data Mining Supplement is bound to have valuable information for you. Get all the details on selecting accounts, conditions, and data below.

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Easily Drag and Drop Image Files

Quickly insert an image file into your articles, emails and style sheets by selecting it from your local folder, dragging it and dropping it right into your body of text. When you do this, Andar will automatically attach it to the Attached Files tab.

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Hidden Treasure

Have you ever tried right-clicking on Andar screens? If you're feeling adventurous, try it out! You'll be amazed to see the wealth of commands that are hidden there.

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