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Video Success Story: United Way of Broward County Manages their Online Pledges with Andar e-Pledge

Rebekah Osborn from United Way of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, FL shares with us what her online pledge processing tactics are and why she uses Andar e-Pledge to make them happen.

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Video Success Story: United Way of Broward County Runs Their Reading Pals Program

Get close and personal with Natalie Riusech from United Way of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, FL as she gives us insight into how they run their Reading Pals program using Andar Plans. Learn about the program itself, the implementation process and much more.

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How Andar Plans Helped the United Way of Broward County Run Their Reading Pals Program



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Customer Success Story

Project: Reading Pals Program
Solution: Andar Plans

Customer: United Way of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale
Featuring: Natalie Riusech, Director, Development Operations and Donor Relations



United Way of Broward County is just one of over eighteen-hundred chapters of United Way across the country, we really are a worldwide organization. Here locally, we’ve been around for almost eighty years, our eightieth birthday is next year! We are a proud funder and supporter of many nonprofits in the community. There are about sixty-five/seventy programs that we fund here locally who really truly depend on our support. Our populations is about just shy of two million, so we’re only one county, but we are a very large, a very diverse county with very diverse issues that we face.


Can you tell us about your Reading Pals program?

We have over three-hundred volunteers who are part of that program each year, and it’s just growing! Our program coordinator had to make sure that all of them got their fingerprints done, that they were selecting what school site they wanted to be at. It was a whole application process which she single-handedly had to orchestrate and she would take time out of her nights and weekends to try to coordinate all of this and she had to be on top of remembering to send emails to follow-up with all of these individuals so that they carried through all the steps; so they got from expressing interest to actually becoming a Reading Pal volunteer. There were so many steps in between and so many ways where it could go wrong. I’m sure there was just so much frustration doing all of that manually, not knowing that there was such a better solution, a way to automate all of that.


What was the implementation process like?

The program was already completely built out, we already knew all the steps that needed to be taken for each of our volunteers, it was just a matter of automating them and making them happen seamlessly; and it saved so much time, frustration, calls to volunteers, we already knew where they stood in the process, who had already completed, who was well on their way and we were able to track and monitor that in real-time.


Why did you choose to use Andar Plans?

We decided to go with Plans over any other option that was out there primarily because we already store our donor data, our other volunteer data and so many other aspects of United Way live in Andar. So, it was such a benefit that someone who is looking up this information on a donor to reach out and connect to them can also see their involvement in Reading Pals and see what they are going through there and be able to have just one central hub for all of it.


What’s your favorite aspect of using Andar Plans?

Our favorite feature was the email communication. Definitely the fact that it felt personalized and tailored to the volunteer, it still was coming through perfectly aligned with our timeline.


How was using Andar Plans beneficial to your volunteers?

Plans are pretty much on the backend. It’s what as staff members, it’s what we see, it’s what we look at; however, we want to make sure the volunteers are having the best experience possible. No matter how they interact with us, they’re definitely more inspired and more in touch with United Way if we make this process so seamless, so smooth and we look extra put-together.


How did Andar Plans help you achieve your goals?

The best example of how Plans helped us achieve our goals as an organization was the fact that when we started a new cycle for Reading Pals we didn’t have to re-invent the wheel. It was already there, we had the steps already laid out. We were able to re-evaluate and tweak a little bit our timeline to see if maybe we had to give a little buffer room between steps three and four, or stuff like that. So, we were able to actually just build off of it and have a new team member actually come onboard into the role that was using this Plans specifically so seamlessly. She could interpret it very easily and she knew exactly where to pick up where the other staff member left off.

Automate Your Volunteer Application Process

Organizing large groups of volunteers can be challenging if you don't have a system in place to help you process all the applications and the documentation that goes along with it. See how the United Way of Midland County in Michigan mastered the task and saved hours of time by using Workflow Plans.

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Increase Safety in Schools by Automating the Volunteer Application Process

Logo UW Midland County
United Way of Midland County, Michigan
Fundraising Reach
$6 Million Annually
Workflow Plans
Public School System Volunteer Application Program


One of the many projects that United Way of Midland County is proud to work on is a volunteer program that’s run by the public school system.

Every year, the school system accepts approximately 2,000 volunteers. To maintain a high safety level for students, these volunteers must go through a multi-step application process before being approved for the job. Applicants fall under one of three volunteering tiers depending on the level of security clearance involved, from background checks, fingerprinting and ownership of driver’s license and car insurance. The United Way of Midland County has partnered with the school system to facilitate this complex application process.

Maintaining updated information on thousands of volunteers is no easy task. This process was handled on a school-by-school basis, which meant that there were many application inconsistencies, and there was no overarching program coordination. Upon accepting the volunteer applications, the individual owning the process had to manually sift through the information and determine where to place volunteers. All the qualifiers such as the background checks and fingerprints were collected on an individual basis and stored in each volunteer file. Determining whether documentation like car insurance and driver’s licenses were up to date was time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Also, communicating with candidates during the application process had to be done over the phone or in-person, slowing the process down and leading to communication errors.


"After kicking off the second school year with the program, over 4,000 volunteers have gone through the system.”

Jacob Sinacola, MSCS, Senior Manager of Investor Relations, United Way of Midland County


The United Way of Midland County rose up to the challenge and offered to automate the volunteer application process by using Andar Software’s Workflow Plans solution. They typically use this solution for grant applications, but they reimagined its functionality to handle volunteer applications, document uploads, and communications. Aspiring volunteers kick off the process by signing up online. The Workflow Plans solution receives this application and prompts a series of events depending on the requirements that need to be fulfilled. If a volunteer hasn’t submitted their fingerprints yet, the system will send out an email to remind them that they are required. Maintaining data that’s organized, easy to retrieve and updated is now stress-free because all documentation is received in digital form and administered by the system. Furthermore, communicating complicated instructions or keeping volunteers up to date on important dates is simpler and more convenient than it was before because of the programmed emails the system can automatically send out when predetermined qualifiers are triggered.

Replacing the manual volunteer application process with Workflow Plans increased safety in schools, and saved hours of time. A department of four used to work on the background checks before, now it’s down to one person overseeing the task. The new solution is so successful that it will be used from now on to process all volunteer applicants. Additionally, since implementing this new program for its local schools, the United Way of Midland County has demonstrated their versatility as a community supporter and collaborator. They have stepped beyond their traditionally known role as a fundraising organization and solved a community problem that needed attention.


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Find Out Why United Way of Broward County Manages their Online Pledges with Andar e-Pledge



Transcript of Video

Customer Success Story

Project: Online Pledges
Solution: Andar e-Pledges

Customer: United Way of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale
Featuring: Rebekah Osborn, Administrative Associate



It is a very digital society now a days, many things are online, however, if I was tasked with the responsibility to build a website, where individuals could go and gather information and donate if they wanted to, without Andar’s e-Pledge, I would not be able to do that.


What are some advantages to using Andar e-Pledge?

Advantages to using e-Pledge are the ability to personalize the site, you’re able to customize it to each individual campaign, you get your reports done in real-time, you’re able to really connect with employees and donors on a personal level. Everything is automated so it really works quite well in today’s digital world. Having a digital component along with paper pledges it’s increasing opportunities to reach out to individuals, you’re not limited with e-Pledge.


Rebekah Osborn of United Way of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale - e-Pledge

Above: Rebekah Osborn at the United Way of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, FL office.


What are some benefits of using e-Pledge?

Using e-Pledge definitely saves time. You’re receiving information from individuals immediately, so you’re able to reach out, confirm information if there is a question you’re able to rectify that immediately, so that’s a huge time-saver right there. Also, at that point, you’re really maintaining information and making sure what your employee or your donor entered themselves was accurate rather than making sure it was accurate and then inputting it again.


How does this solution benefit your community?

The site is very intuitive, individuals are able to visit, the information is right there, they’re able to click through the site pages, really learn more, become informed, and it’s 2018! Everything is online and it’s just a really excellent way for the donors to take a few minutes out of their day, become informed, give if they want to, they can also come back to it and modify it, and they have more opportunity to reach out to us, and that gives us more opportunities to reach out to them as well.


How does e-Pledge help you connect with your community?

We can run real-time reports, we’re able to get information, and if we wanted to give them a call five seconds after we receive the information, if they provided that information, we absolutely could reach out to them for the a question, a comment or a thank you.