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Track Leadership Giving

Leadership Givers are Individuals whose total gift reaches a specific Level for a given Campaign Year (for example, Tocqueville, Gold, Silver, or Bronze). Andar allows your fundraising organization to define Leadership Levels to acknowledge different levels of giving. Once the Leadership Levels are defined and linked to a specific campaign or all campaigns, Andar will automatically assign an Individual Leadership Level and Combined Leadership Level to an Individual donor based on their gift amount or combined gift amount for the campaign or for all campaigns in a particular campaign year.

An Individual's Individual Leadership Level and Combined Leadership Level can also be assigned based on the fundraising organization that owns the pledges and the RUM dollars.

The leadership levels are not automatically rolled over - remember to add them for the new campaign year.

Take a look at what a Leadership Override is.

Leadership data can be viewed on Individual and Organization account profiles, custom Bio Tabs on the Individual account profiles, and Dashboards. Leadership churn data can be retrieved from Andar by Data Mining Operations and Leadership reports.


Thank you letter

The Thank You Letter feature enables you to produce Thank You Letters or confirmation letters for donors. The letter will list gifts, designations and contents specifically tailored to the donor's interests.

For those sites licensed for MIG, you are able to create, print or email letters directly from the software. For those sites not licensed for MIG, you are able to produce a CSV file and mail-merge it into a word processor document with pre-defined letter templates.


Introducing iEngage

New in Andar/360 2018.01: iEngage - an interactive web based marketing tool. Think of it like a "Choose your own adventure novel" - based on the choices the user is presented with a different situation. This can have many uses such as poverty simulations, explaining your impact work or learning more about the programs and initiatives funded by your organization. Since the tool is integrated into Andar/360, you are able to track all the interactions and glean interest data - to be used in providing individualized and tailored contents.

Get a glimpse into this exciting new marketing tool through the following demonstration.

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Reduce Churn

Now that campaigns are winding down, it’s a great time to do some quick churn analysis. The leadership reports will give you a good overview of your churning accounts. These Andar reports take it a step further by analyzing churn on RUM dollars as well as each of your leadership levels separately. With Data Mining, you can select your lapsed donors so you can rescue those accounts before it’s too late. You can also select your new donors so you can send them a special Thank You note.

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To-Do Check Lists

Plans are great for building your to-do check lists. You can assign your plan to hundreds to accounts and then track what’s done and what’s not on an account-by-account basis. With MIG, you can take plans further by automating intelligent decisions as your prospects progress through their relationship journeys.

In workflow plans, you can automatically run a data mining operation. Andar will take the specific account that your plan is assigned to and make that your data mining selected account. So, your data mining operation could contain just a data extract (for your plan account). You can extract giving information, demographics, etc., and Andar will automatically take this information and bring it into your plan as substitution variables. You can then use these variables in emails, texts, or to make decisions (branches) in your plan. For example, if the account giving is at a particular level, assign the account to a manager or send them an email or update account information using the new Andar Connector plan task.

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Combined Givers

Traditional fundraising software routinely suggests jamming a couple’s combined name into the profile’s first and last name. This leads to mangled salutations and can often turn out to be hilarious when the donor’s name is inserted in the middle of a paragraph. Furthermore, should couples separate, their individual history is gone and gifts are a mess. In Andar, all this is totally avoided. Each individual should have their own profile. A “Combined Giver” general relationship can then be created between these individuals and Andar will automatically show their combined gift. You can also use a special combined giver name and salutation to address letters correctly. Andar gives you the option to address each individuals separately and personally, or combined. You can even combine an entire family together if desired.

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New Filters

New in Service Pack 2017.02: We have added the ability to show any data as a chart throughout Andar. The filter window available to MIG users now has an option to show the data as a chart. It’s easy, just select the chart type and select what data column to show on the chart.

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Mailing List Monitor

New in Service Pack 2017.02: With MIG, you can monitor your email campaign easily with this new mailing list monitor. You can view one mailing list or have it listen in on broadcasts from your list of mailing lists.  See live reads and clicks right from your dashboard. 

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Campaign is coming - Are you ready?

Plans, Process, Data...UWWBlueTYLeMailScreenshot.jpg

Campaign season is coming quickly - for a lot of United Way's pacesetter campaigns kick off in 10 or 12 weeks. Work ahead this year and check that your dashboards, saved reports parameters, online forms, plans and more have been rolled over or copied and are ready to go. Take the time now to prepare for then!

Also, consider expanding the use of Andar/360 features you already have and own this upcoming campaign by creating your CEO call materials straight from Andar or eMailing your Thank You letters to certain groups of donors directly out of Andar. If you need help or resources to launch these project contact our Help Desk to schedule training or services.