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Release Amount ? Always set to Yes!

Regardless of whether Release Name is Yes or No, you should ALWAYS release the Amount.

There was a time when Andar had just one Release Flag. We expanded to four – Release Name, Release Address, Release e-Mail, Release Amount – because these specific questions were asked in the CFC Campaign.

If you set Release Amount to No, you will run into trouble on the Acknowledgment to Agencies and Payee by Organization Reports. (These reports were not used in a CFC Campaign.) You may have a State or other campaign where you don’t use these reports either and it would be OK to not release the amount -- but generally speaking, Release Amount = Yes!

If you have already entered pledges for the current year where Release Amount = No, you can use Andar Connector to mass update the flags.

Here is the link to our Help on this topic: Updating Release flags on transactions.

Report Highlight: Account Profile Report

Take a look at the Account Profile Report, it's similar to the Campaign Profile Report, but provides more details. In it you can see an organization's contacts, campaign structures it is assigned to, the account's giving information in the past five years, the number of leaders and leadership amounts in the past five years, Manager/Managed By information, as well as Techniques, and Awards. Data is broken down by campaign, leadership level, and Check-off Account.

Andar Main Menu > General > General Reports > Account Profile Report



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Report Highlight: Customize the Columns

Would you like to customize the data, columns, or labels in Andar/360 reports? Did you know you could?

The Campaign Monitoring Report, Transaction Register Report, and Extract Table Reports allow this through the "Columns tab". This tab allows you to choose which columns to appear in the report and to customize the report layout. Your column selections will affect the output in both the PDF format and the CSV format.



Report Highlight: Save Report Submission Parameters

 Did you know? Do you? Save the report submission parameters for future re-use.

  1. Open the report of your choice.
  2. Make selections on the various tabs.
  3. Press Save in the lower right corner.
  4. Name your report, add a description if desired and press Save.

To run a report using the saved parameters in the future, select the saved report name from the Saved Parameters drop down at the top left of the report window and press Submit. Also, consider placing the report on your dashboard for even fewer clicks.


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Report Hightlight: Daily Status Report

The Daily Status Report was written originally for e-Pledge Administrators / e-Pledge Coordinators - the simple layout and format is great for internal staff also.

The report summarizes gifts on a daily basis. It shows total gifts entered on each day and up to that day.

This report includes employee pledges only and can be ordered to include batch employee gifts. It excludes: Individual gifts & Corporate gifts.


Report Highlight: Bio Tab Report

The Bio Tab Report will print the contents of a custom Bio Tab in PDF format for one or more accounts. The Dashboard Report will print the contents of a Dashboard in PDF format. Users are able to choose the look of the report and modify the look by selecting a style sheet from our library or create your own. * This is for MIG customers only.


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Report Highlight: Designation Matrix Report

The Designation Matrix Report provides analysis of designations based on the donor's giving levels and designated categories. This report shows up to 5 campaign years. The giving levels can be user-defined. This report includes processed transactions only.

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Report Highlight - Leadership Report By Individual

Are you looking for individual donor churn statistics? Giving trends? RUM dollars?

The Leadership Report By Individual will provide a list of individual accounts with their individual gift amounts, combined gift amounts, Leadership Levels attained for each year, as well as the donor's giving pattern. It will include detailed churn information: the number of givers, number of increasing, decreasing, and flat givers overall and specific leader levels, as well as the number of new, lapsed, renewed, and recovered givers and leaders. These numbers are also available for RUM dollars. For example, donors who have been giving $10,000 for each of the last 10 years but were designating all of it to agencies will show as flat givers. But if they now leave their gift undesignated or designate it to an impact area, they will be classified as new RUM givers.

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Report Highlight - DC Summary Management Report

The Donor Choice Summary Management Report allows you to summarize designations for Master, Federation, Agency, or Program accounts that have specifically been designated by your donors for a specific campaign year. This report can be run and sorted in a variety of ways. Total designation amount, count of designations, average designation and much more information can be pulled for this report.

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Report Highlight - Volunteering History Report

Volunteer Hours & Assignments Meet Giving History.

The Volunteering History Report shows volunteers' giving history and their volunteering history. The report prints volunteer basic information (name, address, pledge history), and volunteer hours.