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A Special Thank You

Just over thirty-two years ago, two gentlemen left their positions at a company called LGS to begin what is now known as Andar Software. When Réal Bédard and André Marcil started their journey, they developed several different projects. Of their many creations, the two that made the most impact were named FMS and Andar/360. Andar/360 has been implemented at nearly 400 of the largest United Ways in the United States and Canada. The software is used by thousands each month. Social good organizations use it to process over four billion dollars annually.

This past Tuesday was Réal's last day with Andar Software. We want to take this opportunity to thank Réal, along with his family, for the many years of work.

Réal, thank you for your dedication to the company and the commitment to each of your staff and colleagues. Your contributions to the industry will never be forgotten. We wish you an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement!

Andar Software Employee of the Year

Earlier this year, we asked for your help in nominating an Andar Software Employee of the year. The nomination forms asked that you identify how the nominee performs beyond their "day-to-day" tasks and demonstrates dedication to their work and customers.

Thank you for sharing your input. We were happy to see numerous nominations pour in that were thoughtful and inspiring.

The winner of the Customer-Nominated Employee of the Year Award is Technical Support Specialist, Teresa Lowe-Hodges. Teresa was nominated by Joseph Redding, from Trident United Way, in North Charleston, South Carolina. Joseph shared with us that Teresa has a "calmness to her approach that only comes from deep experience and total confidence. She has the amazing ability to take fractured input, and (in her very calm, dry-humored way) always finds the solution."

Congratulations Teresa! Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your nomination with the Andar Software community!

Andar Software staff also took the time to nominate their colleagues. The winner of the Peer-Nominated Employee of the Year Award is Developer, Bardolph Tse. Bardolph is always willing to accept the next project even if he isn't familiar with the technology. He consistently maintains a positive outlook as he tackles new obstacles and is always able to resolve all challenges that come his way!

Congratulations Bardolph!

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Your nonprofit organization can greatly benefit from all of the hard work involved in responding to an emergency if the right planning is in place.

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Are You Getting the Answers and Service You Need On Your ?How To? Projects?

We want to make sure you are satisfied with the results of your ‘How To’ projects.

As a result, we will be sending you an email when your Support Analyst has completed your ‘How To’ project. This email will have buttons that will allow you to let Andar Software know everything went OK and give you a chance to notify us when there may still be issues or a concern about the process.

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Our reliance on technology comes with an abundance of benefits, but it also comes with a bunch of new obstacles. One of those obstacles: email scams. How many times a week do you receive an email that looks or sounds questionable?

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Appointment of a New General Manager for Andar Software

Andar Software is pleased to announce that Harry Veening has been appointed General Manager of Andar Software as of April 27, 2020. Harry will be replacing Réal Bédard, who will be retiring.

Andar Software extends its sincerest gratitude to Réal Bédard for his dedication, innovation, and leadership over the past thirty years. Réal’s journey with Andar Software began when he developed the integrated software platform widely known in the industry as Andar/360. “I am incredibly grateful for the relationships I have built over the years, and the many customers I have had the honour to work with. I am looking forward to new challenges in the future, and this retirement from my job is a step toward this new life journey,” shares Réal Bédard.

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How Secure is Your Work from Home Setup?

Most of us have been working from home for a few weeks now. We have made this novelty the norm (at least for now), but one area that may still need our attention is the security of the workspace we have set up. With so many people working remotely, there may be some individuals trying to take advantage of the situation who are looking to gain access to your personal or organization's data. Consider the following tips to create a more secure workspace.

  1. Double-check your router setup. If your password hasn't been changed for a long time or is not unique, consider replacing it. Many home setups use the WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). WPS may initially sound convenient by allowing you to bypass your strong password with a PIN code, but this makes it much easier to "break" by someone trying to gain access to your data. Using the WAP2 encryption mode for your password (instead of WEP) is another way of making your connection more secure. Plus, ensure your firmware is up to date. Newer routers update automatically, but if your router is older, you may have to do this manually. These suggestions just hit the surface. For more detailed instructions, refer to your specific router make and model recommendations.
  2. Use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) recommended by your organization. A VPN encrypts the traffic that goes through it. There are many VPN vendors out in the market, but they come with varying security protocols. As such, you should follow your IT team's guidelines on when and how to use the recommended VPN.
  3. Keep your donor and constituent data safe. Only those individuals who require access to such data should have the means to acquire it. When performance is an issue, you may be inclined to make a local copy of donor and constituent data on your computer, but doing so creates another opportunity for a data breach. We also recommend you maintain the same habits you did at the office, and lock your computer when you step away from it. If you print personal donor information on paper, dispose of the documentation properly by shredding it rather than tossing it in your recycling bin.
  4. Be alert when using videoconferencing and collaboration software. Some well-known platforms are under fire right now for having multiple security vulnerabilities. Make your meetings safer by setting meeting passwords to avoid unwanted guests from joining. Many tools have a "waiting room" feature that allows you to see who is waiting to join the meeting before granting them access. If you're sharing links or documents during meetings, use the approved technology to do so rather than third-party tools. Lastly, when downloading new platforms, read the fine print before agreeing to install — many collect and share personal information in the background!
  5. Be wary of malicious phishing scams via phone, text, email, and downloadable links. Opportunistic scammers are using the coronavirus crisis as a way to pose as the government or qualified institutions to trick recipients into downloading harmful malware or exposing personal data. To protect yourself and your computer, always have the latest version of your anti-virus program installed, verify that email and text senders are legitimate, and only click on links or open attachments that you are sure are safe. If you receive an unusual request for information (be it over the phone or email), be suspicious of it and double-check with your organization to make sure the claim is valid.

We hope these tips continue to keep you and your computers safe!

Credit Card Payments Update

Have you recently noticed problems with some credit card payments in Andar/360?

In a move to provide a more secure browsing experience, Chrome version 80 included changes in how cookies are handled. Ultimately, these changes caused a few problems for some donors who made credit card payments through Andar e-Pledge. Those donors started their pledges, entered their credit card information, and clicked 'Submit,' but they did not see the completion web page. Meanwhile, in Andar/360, their transactions were recorded, but they contained the CyberSource Business Decision of 'Verifying' instead of 'Accept.'

If you are an Andar e-Pledge customer with PCI Compliance enabled, you may have come across the following:

  1. Donors who called you to say they couldn't complete pledges in e-Pledge, and/or
  2. You tried to close an envelope, but couldn't because it contained a non-accepted payment, and/or
  3. You ran Andar's CyberSource Verification Report, and you saw an increase in the number of 'Verifying' transactions (more than usual).

In our observations to date, this problem has not occurred to any customers who installed Andar/360 2020.01 on or after April 3, 2020, and it has not happened to any donors who are not using Chrome version 80.

Chrome has announced that they will temporarily roll back their changes - until sometime this summer. In fact, the roll-back is already appearing in Chrome version 81 (released on Tuesday, April 7, 2020). (Chrome updates are typically installed automatically whenever new browsers are opened.)

As a result, this problem with increased ‘Verifying’ transactions should stop happening – at least until sometime this summer. (Google has not announced an exact date for the re-introduction of this cookie-handling feature). We hope that our customers can upgrade to Andar/360 2020.01 by then.

If you are experiencing this problem, please contact our helpdesk at

Have An Active Service Block or Support Plus?

Starting next week, and once a month after that, the individual in your organization that initiated your service contract will receive an email from The Andar Software Support Team. The email will contain a link that will take the user to a report outlining the current status and time logs for your service blocks and Support Plus contracts.

Have An Active Service Block or Support Plus?

Starting next week, and once a month after that, the individual in your organization that initiated your service contract will receive an email from The Andar Software Support Team. The email will contain a link that will take the user to a report outlining the current status and time logs for your service blocks and Support Plus contracts.