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New in v2020.02: Main Banners in United We Fight / United We Win Are Responsive

The main banners in the United We Fight and United We Win themes will become responsive in v2020.02 of Andar/360. With this change, any graphics in the banner area will fit in any mobile device. Currently, the banners do not shrink based on monitor size. This results in the sides being hidden in mobile phones and small screens.

To set up a banner, follow the instructions in the look and feel template of United We Fight in Andar/360. The old HTML code needs to be changed into the new one. Below is the sample code. You can replace the image URL and the message/text according to your needs.

<img src="IMAGE URL" width="100%" />
<div class="main-banner_heading offset-lg-1 heading-column">
<h2>United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community.</h2>
<p><a class="button" href="URL">Join the Fight</a></p>

Finance, Talent & Technology Management Forum

If you, any of your colleagues, or volunteers will be attending the Finance, Talent & Technology Management Forum in Houston, TX please visit our booth in the exhibit hall. We are happy to answer questions or hear your thoughts. We will be showcasing the Andar/360 Texting tool including our 1-Text-To-Pledge option along with our Salesforce integration.

Come by and say "hi", we'll be ready to "knock your socks off!"


We Customize 4 U

Leave it to the experts. We can create your email templates and customize your e-Pledge websites for you. Don't wait for the busy season, start now and be ready for next fall's successful campaign.

Sign up for our SupportPLUS for discounted rates.

Consult our Schedule of Fees on our Support Center...

e-Mail Eric Crammond to discuss your needs.

Texting & Andar/360

Andar/360 offers integrated texting capabilities to engage individuals wherever they are. Send and receive text messages for donations, 1-Text to Pledge, event or volunteer reminders, registration, and more.

More Information

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Campaign Ready? Go Mobile with i-Access

i‑Access gives you quick and easy access to your personalized Andar dashboards and constituent profile bio-tabs from your i‑Phone, i‑Pad, or any Android phone or tablet. In just a few taps, you can search, find, and update your constituent contact information. Easily make your meeting notes while on the road. You have all of your up‑to‑the‑minute constituent information at your fingertips. With i‑Access, it's easy to manage your campaigns, update your goals & projections, download reports, and manage your task list. Be even more productive... when viewing your Andar PDF reports on your smartphone, you can tap any account name to immediately open that account in i‑Access.


2018 Andar Users Conference

The planning has began for the 2018 Andar/360 Users Conference. This year's conference will once again be hosted by Butler County United Way and will be held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Ohio. Reserve April 30- May 4, 2018 in your calendar now!

Please be looking for more information later in the year.


Recurring Gifts

New in Service Pack 2017.02: Also known as sustained, continuous, or perpetual, a recurring gift is where a donor goes online and commits to a gift that is repeated monthly or annually... forever. This is a little different than what is referred to as a pre-authorized gift in e-Pledge. A pre-authorized gift is one annual pledge paid in monthly installments. The recurring gift keeps on giving, year after year. Best of all, it’s not just for credit cards, donors can give with ACH directly from their bank account as well. Furthermore, the donor can go online and update their credit card or ACH information any time.

Read Project 84734...

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At this year’s conference we introduced and demonstrated our new texting module. We also showed the power of Andar integration with some fantastic possibilities.

Customers have told us that donors often give up when trying to text, clicking a link, entering their email, name, credit card, and so on. It’s just too complicated when at an event or a gathering.

We have the solution...

Imagine texting “invest $100" and Andar immediately adds a $100 “Bill-me” transaction on the donor’s account! Imagine your company X campaign kick-off where employees can text “invest x $1000" to immediately add a payroll deduction gift of $1000. Imagine texting “invest education $500" to create a new transaction and designation to your education initiative for $500.

Yes, it’s all possible with Andar. One text and you’re done! No links, no web page, no credit card number... fast... easy! ...and the transaction is already created in Andar!! No uploads!

Call our Help Desk at 877-479-3780 to schedule your personalized demo.

Outlook, Exchange and Andar

Are you using Microsoft Exchange or Office 365? Do you have Andar’s MSOutlook Connector Module? If yes, you can have your staff easily upload emails into Andar from any device. If your resource development staff or executives are out and about communicating with donors, prospects, and other stakeholders, they could easily use their smartphone to upload their emails to Andar.

It’s easy, have your administrators create an email account for Andar (Andar’s a person too you know). They setup the account in Andar so that Andar can receive emails.

Next, your staff can just forward their email to your Andar email address (example: or just bcc Andar when sending emails.  This is using Andar's "Mail Forwarding Service".

Andar will not only upload the email and link it to all accounts involved, but it will also send you a confirmation containing links to the people’s accounts in i-Access. So if you have i-Access, you can immediately open their account and review their details right on your phone.

Read about MSOutlook Connector...
Read about Setting up an email for Andar...
Read about i-Access...


What is it and why do I need it? i-Access is Andar on your mobile device. It’s not for transaction entry (yet) or for high volume processing but it is excellent for Resource Development folks to look up their dashboards and account bio tabs as well as update information and enter communication notes through their smartphones. You can even run and view reports on your phone! Even better, while looking at your PDF reports, you can tap/click account names to open the account in i-Access!

Read about i-Access...