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Quick and Easy Goals and Projections

Are you spending too much time managing your goals and prospects? Are you not sure?

If you're not using a dashboard to manage your goals and projections, you're likely not being as efficient as you could be.

Save time by checking out the following dashboard apps:

  • Tracking Parameters Quick Entry by Manager
  • Tracking Parameters Quick Entry by Node


PRojections Details

Manage Your Prospects

Do you know what move state your prospects are in? What their linkage ability or interest is?

You can manage and view all of this data by account manager when you use the Prospect Metrics Details App in Andar MIG. Learn how to add prospect metrics details to a dashboard by visiting Customer Support!

Take Me There

What's in Store for the Next 5 Years?

Imagine where you'll be in 2023 — or better yet, where your United Way will be in 2023. What will your campaign goal and community impact work look like? How will technology play a role? How will your job be different? As 2018 comes to a close and we start to think about new year's resolutions, fill out this five-question survey to let us know where you think things will be in 5 years.

Take Suvey


Did you know that our staff averages 13 years of service with us!

Nearly 70% of our staff have been with us over 10 years! 40% have over 15 years!

Many of our staff have worked at United Way organizations prior to joining Andar Software.

If we add our staff’s prior United Way experience, it totals over 530 person-years of direct United Way experience.

We continue to be excited to be part of your business!

Data is the New Currency - Part 2

Last week we asked three questions about your data. This week let's dig into the first question..."What data are you collecting on accounts?"

Your answer should be simple and concise. If you think about it, you as an organization are likely collecting 15-20 different pieces of information to store in your database. Some items are as simple as email address, phone number, or gender.

You need to have a documented list of these data items and each database user should understand them. Having a documented plan will also go a long way to help with data quality and universal collection of the information.

Not sure where to start? Pull out a pledge form and write down what fields you are collecting from your donors.

Click here for a sample list of key data points...

Key Performance Indicators

Do you set targets and measure performance for staff?  With Andar/360 KPI's, you can set daily, weekly, monthly or annual targets for your staff and chart whether targets are being met.  

Create a Red/Yellow/Green traffic light, view to track progress at a glance or use a chart or thermometer.

Some sample KPI's could be:

  • Envelope creation to close date
  • New Donor Counts
  • Communication Logs
  • Prospect Moves
  • Prospect Touches


Report Highlight - Volunteering History Report

Volunteer Hours & Assignments Meet Giving History.

The Volunteering History Report shows volunteers' giving history and their volunteering history. The report prints volunteer basic information (name, address, pledge history), and volunteer hours. 


Scoreboard Dashboard Showcase

Two weeks ago we showed you the incredible job United Way of Midland County - Midland, MI did with their web based e-Pledge-driven shopping cart. If you missed it click here for the story.

This week we want to show you the possibility you have with Andar/360 & Executive Plus - paired with your dashboard to create and track the funds being raised (via e-Pledge or other methods).

The following partial screen shot gives you an idea of how Andar/360 Dashboards can be used to track the information & statistics critical to a campaign or your organization. (If you don't see the blinking lights check this story out on the web.) Thank you to United Way of Midland County for Sharing.

The data is: Simple, Concise, Easy to Interpret.

Find out more about dashboards.


Complete Engagement - YOU OWN & Can deploy now

Donor interests, Preferences, email Read Information and much, much more...
You have the data (or the capability to track the data). Why not leverage it and raise more money? Why are you missing out on this?

Questions? Call Andar Software: (877) 479-3780 x2.