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Which Font Should I Use?

The latest fonts used by United Way, according to the latest brand guidelines, are called ‘Roboto’ and ‘League Gothic.’ You can load these fonts using your styles to override other fonts for e-Mails/Articles/e-Pledge etc. You will be able to load them into your Andar Stylesheets and apply them to almost any element. (Heading, Paragraph, List, etc.)

To download the fonts visit: 


Let us know if you have questions or need a hand!

Help for you - Andar Tutorials

Do you have new users? Would you like to brush up your Andar/360 skills? Check out our tutorials. Some topics include: Getting Started, Campaign Management, Finance, CRM, Community Impact, Events and many more...


Thank you letter

The Thank You Letter feature enables you to produce Thank You Letters or confirmation letters for donors. The letter will list gifts, designations and contents specifically tailored to the donor's interests.

For those sites licensed for MIG, you are able to create, print or email letters directly from the software. For those sites not licensed for MIG, you are able to produce a CSV file and mail-merge it into a word processor document with pre-defined letter templates.


Update your website look

Is your e-Pledge or other Andar web tools mobile friendly? Does your site match your public website? Core changes to e-Community and e-Pledge, specifically internal code structure, were made to accommodate more flexible mobile skin designs and to better support accessibility as well as multilingual design. We have released two built-in mobile skins based on the United Way Worldwide design, one in blue and the other in red.

Don't wait, we can help you migrate your old e-Pledge sites to the new mobile responsive look. Call our help desk today to schedule your move... call toll free (877) 479-3780.

Campaigns will come up fast!

New Red Look

New Blue Look

Visit us at the Southeast Regional Conference

Andar Software will be in Gatlinburg, TN next week at the United Way Southeast Regional Conference. You can find us in the exhibitor area. Visit our table to learn about texting in Andar/360, PledgeLink - another option for running your workplace campaigns online, and how we can help you automate your marketing campaigns. Let us know if you'd like to set up a time to meet at the conference. 

Volunteer and Giving UNITE!

By: Eric Crammond

Integration is the theme for 2018 here at Andar Software. Recently I was asked how we "marry" ePledge and eVolunteer. The answer is easy - just add the web menu items to the desired role for the desired end users. Did you know you can combine any of the web menu items together to create a unique and custom online experience?

Volunteer, pledge, and register for an event all in one site!

See all this information in ONE screen - see more about Biotabs.

See Employee Volunteers on their employer without effort. Check out the Emp Volunteers sub-tab.

We can help contact us...

Introducing iEngage

New in Andar/360 2018.01: iEngage - an interactive web based marketing tool. Think of it like a "Choose your own adventure novel" - based on the choices the user is presented with a different situation. This can have many uses such as poverty simulations, explaining your impact work or learning more about the programs and initiatives funded by your organization. Since the tool is integrated into Andar/360, you are able to track all the interactions and glean interest data - to be used in providing individualized and tailored contents.

Get a glimpse into this exciting new marketing tool through the following demonstration.

Click here to get started...

Calling all DSOG cohort members

Attention all DSOG cohort members: As we continue to work with United Way Worldwide to understand the requirements for the Shared Data Record (SDR) and how data is to be pulled from Andar, we are proposing to build a one-click report to pull your unique data ready for DSOG upload.

We are also working to make sure the data can automatically uploaded into DSOG, and soon, to receive data from DSOG to update Andar. This new SDR report would be maintained to reflect the quarterly changes implemented by UWW.

If you are interested, please contact Real Bedard at

For those of you needing assistance with your custom DMOs and queries, please contact Darryl Langman, our Director of Customer Care, at (877) 479-3780 x335, and he will be happy to set up a project to perform this work.

Visit us at the Fundraising for Impact Summit

Andar Software will be in Houston next week at the Fundraising for Impact Summit. You can find us in the exhibitor area near registration. Visit our table to learn about texting in Andar/360, PledgeLink - another option for running your workplace campaigns online, and how we can help you automate your marketing campaigns. Let us know if you'd like to set up a time to meet at the Summit.