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Meet Your Fundraising Goal

Don't leave potential donations on the table! As you get your campaign on a roll, think about ways you'll be able to fill your fundraising gaps.

One idea is to dig into your database for donors who haven't yet given this year but gave in the past. To get a list of lapsed donors, use the "Pattern" tab in a data mining operation.

After obtaining the list, you can review the accounts for ways to communicate with them. Maybe you have a home contact you can get in touch with, a related person whom you can call, a staff member who knows them, or someone may remember them from an event they volunteered at or attended. You might even be able to find more info by searching for them on Google!

Learn About the Pattern Tab

Maximize Your Pledge Forms

Do you have checkboxes on your pledge forms to solicit Volunteers, Young Leaders, and more? Use Andar Plans with a simple DMO to find these constituents and reach out to them. This process can be fully automated, depending on the schedule you set.

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What's An "Offset Day"?

You can use Andar Plans to create comprehensive workflows to ensure completion of all tasks within a project. As you add tasks to your Plan, Andar will ask for the “offset day.” This offset is the expected number of days after the start of the Plan. So, when the Plan is assigned to an account and given a start date, Andar will automatically use the “offset day” to calculate the date this task should start.

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Clean Up Your Mailing List

Avoid awkward situations by ensuring that you update your mailing lists with the latest information.

Use Andar’s MIG module to automatically handle address redirection when your donor has passed away or is now under the care of someone else. With the care-of relationship, Andar’s mailing list management system will automatically redirect your communications to the correct person.

Add Care Of Relationship

Receive An Alert When A Pledge is Received

Set up automatic e-mail alerts to be notified of pledges, payments, and communications that involve your most important accounts. The alerts can be set up to notify different people based on pledge amounts. For instance, when a $1000 gift comes in, the campaign manager can receive an alert; and if a $5,000 gift comes in, both the campaign manager and the CEO receive the alert.

With an alert, you won't have to wait until someone tells you about a pledge coming in, you'll know right away. Better yet, as soon as you receive the alert, you can call your donor and thank them right away for making such a generous donation!

Set Up Alert

Plan a Great Prospecting Strategy

Did you know that many of the Andar prospecting tools and functions are based on the work of Kent E. Dove? His famous book, Conducting a Successful Major Gifts and Planned Giving Program: A Comprehensive Guide and Resource is an incredible read for anyone involved in nonprofit organizations.

"Prospects" are potential donors or volunteers. Andar’s prospecting system includes sophisticated techniques to help you develop a successful donor nurturing strategy. With it, you can fine tune your approach by identifying various levels of gifts, internal volunteers, board members, workplace campaigns, and other types of searches.

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Issuing Tax Receipts for Donations

Receipts for donations made to a fundraising organization can be processed and issued within Andar.

If you don't have the MIG module, Andar will produce a CSV file that you can download and mail-merge into a word processor document with pre-defined letter templates.

If you're licensed for Major Gift, Andar can do the mail merge automatically and produce receipts in PDF format. You can create different Receipt templates, tell Andar which template to use when generating Receipts in PDF format, and email them out to donors.

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Webinar: Major Individual Giving

Andar/360 MIG Demonstration & Q/A

November 16, 2018 at 1 PM CST

Are you interested in finding out more about the Major Individual Giving tool? Join us for this free demonstration & overview. We will also reserve time to answer any Andar/360 questions you might have.

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Turn a Table List into a thermometer

Did you know that you can easily turn a Table List into a thermometer? This feature requires the Major Gift license. 

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Show me the money!

I’m sure some of you working in resource development have at some point returned to the office all excited about a new gift from a donor. This is especially true for bequests or gifts of insurance, etc., which can be very significant to most nonprofits. Of course, your finance department will probably not hesitate to burst your bubble with the usual “Show me the money!” Well, fear no more. With Andar and MIG, you can enter these “Expectancy Gifts” without involving finance. Then, later, when the money does come in, and you enter the transaction into Andar, your finance department will be prompted to link it to your expectancy gift record.

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