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Webinar: Major Individual Giving

Andar/360 MIG Demonstration & Q/A

November 16, 2018 at 1 PM CST

Are you interested in finding out more about the Major Individual Giving tool? Join us for this free demonstration & overview. We will also reserve time to answer any Andar/360 questions you might have.

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Turn a Table List into a thermometer

Did you know that you can easily turn a Table List into a thermometer? This feature requires the Major Gift license. 

Learn how.

Show me the money!

I’m sure some of you working in resource development have at some point returned to the office all excited about a new gift from a donor. This is especially true for bequests or gifts of insurance, etc., which can be very significant to most nonprofits. Of course, your finance department will probably not hesitate to burst your bubble with the usual “Show me the money!” Well, fear no more. With Andar and MIG, you can enter these “Expectancy Gifts” without involving finance. Then, later, when the money does come in, and you enter the transaction into Andar, your finance department will be prompted to link it to your expectancy gift record.

Read more about expectancy gifts...

User Defined Fields

Where can you create your own user defined fields? Lots of places!

Accounts: You can find user defined fields under the General Tab of your accounts. Table #200 defines the type of fields. These include numbers, text, URL, date/time, selection boxes, etc. You can use data mining to select accounts based on these values or mass-import values using Andar Connector.  User defined fields can also be used as plan task triggers to direct your workflows.

And more...
And more...

Employment Relationships: You can customize User Defined fields on the employee/employer relationships specific to the employer. Each company can have their own user defined fields with specific sets of values. These fields can be used to customize your volunteering and giving web pages and the employer e-Pledge reports can include these user defined fields so your ECCs can slice and dice data using their fields. These fields can be data mined and mass imported using Andar Connector.


Transactions: There are 10 User Defined field on each transaction. You can decide how you use them. They can be used as custom entry fields on e-Pledge or used to store data through JavaScript. They can be data mined and mass imported using Andar Connector.


Key Performance Indicators

Do you set targets and measure performance for staff?  With Andar/360 KPI's, you can set daily, weekly, monthly or annual targets for your staff and chart whether targets are being met.  

Create a Red/Yellow/Green traffic light, view to track progress at a glance or use a chart or thermometer.

Some sample KPI's could be:

  • Envelope creation to close date
  • New Donor Counts
  • Communication Logs
  • Prospect Moves
  • Prospect Touches



Throughout Andar, you can customize the information and columns shown in lists using filters. You will need the MIG module for this. The power of filters is that once you customize your list, you can save it and give it a name. Now you can switch views quickly by selecting the filter you want.

Also check out the quick filters on column headers. It’s an easier way to quickly find information in specific columns.


Getting ready for campaign?

Are you getting your database ready? Testing mail list pulls?

Have you checked saved reports and set those that should be auto emailed regularly?

Are you preparing to assign goals and managers?

We are here to help if needed - let us help set your database for success, launch ePledge campaigns, deploy and build custom reports, set goals and more. For questions about our professional services please contact us, sales@AndarSoftware.com

Please also check out our Online Help for more information.


CRM Alerts

Stop waiting to be told when a pledge or payment is received. Don't get caught meeting with a potential donor or on a CEO visit just to find out about recent communications with other staff in your organization. Set up automatic e-mail alerts today to be notified of pledges, payments and communications with your most important accounts.


MIG Demonstration Follow-Up

Thank you to all those who joined us this week for the MIG demonstration. If you would like a copy of the slides or to view the recorded version of the webinar please use the following links:

MIG overview/demonstration

Do you own MIG but not quite sure of all the capabilities? Do you not own MIG but are interested in how it could help?

If you are interested in finding out more about MIG a free overview & demonstration. 

Each demo/overview will be approximately 45 minutes. The webinar will include time for questions and will be recorded.

If you have any questions please let us know: info@AndarSoftware.com