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Find Lapsed Donors

Lapsed donors are individuals who have previously donated to your organization, but for some reason, they have stopped giving.

Discovering who your lapsed donors are is useful to increase your fundraising efforts. Once you know who they are, you can reach out to them to see if they'd like to donate again. Since they've donated in the past, they're already familiar with your organization, and your outreach should be very different from someone who has never given to you.

Find out who your lapsed donors are by watching this video series in Customer Support.

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Extend Payment Schedules for Your Donors

In Andar, a payment cycle is 12 months. If a donor hasn't paid their pledge in full within 12 months, they are considered overdue. But, what if a donor makes a large pledge and asks for 18 months to pay it?

You can set up an extended payment schedule that continues beyond 12 months with the MIG module. Once in MIG, use the date specified option on the billing schedule to set up billing for 18 months.

Learn more about Multi-Year Payment Gifts in Customer Support.

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Use Visuals to Understand Data

You can have a lot of data, but if you don't know how to read it, analyze it, and share it, then you might as well not use it. A great way to show some of your data is with the Prospecting Funnel Chart app.

The Prospecting Funnel Chart is a visual representation of where your prospects are currently positioned. It's a great visual way to share your data with other staff and departments in your organization.

The Prospecting Funnel Chart app will display a sales funnel using the same data as in the Prospect Metrics Analysis app. The app will give you a quick idea of the account manager's progress with the prospects. All prospect apps for the dashboard/bio tabs show current (unexpired) prospect records only. Take note: You need to have a MIG license to use this app.

Add this funnel to your dashboards today!

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See An Increase in Donations

United Way of Broward County saw a 30% increase in Signature donations ($7,500), a 20% increase in Pillar donations ($5,000), and a 9.5% increase in Alexis de Tocqueville donations ($10,000 and above.) Found out how in this Success Story.

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Manage Your Prospects

Do you know what move state your prospects are in? What their linkage ability or interest is?

You can manage and view all of this data by account manager when you use the Prospect Metrics Details App in Andar MIG. Learn how to add prospect metrics details to a dashboard by visiting Customer Support!

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Who Are You Communicating With?

Time flies, and it can be hard to keep track of whom you've been in touch with. The chances are that there are likely some donors who could use a little more TLC than they are currently getting.

In just a few clicks inside Andar, you can find out which accounts you haven't been communicating with so that you can identify holes in your process or create a new communication strategy.

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Track Competitive Gifts

Build your database, and get to know your donors' interests and their giving capabilities with Andar MIG. Every year, you should go through your competitors' websites and find lists of large donors. You can then enter these donors and competitors in Andar, and link them together using the "CRM" tab, in the "Competitive Gift" sub-tab, with their estimated giving range.

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Meet Your Fundraising Goal

Don't leave potential donations on the table! As you get your campaign on a roll, think about ways you'll be able to fill your fundraising gaps.

One idea is to dig into your database for donors who haven't yet given this year but gave in the past. To get a list of lapsed donors, use the "Pattern" tab in a data mining operation.

After obtaining the list, you can review the accounts for ways to communicate with them. Maybe you have a home contact you can get in touch with, a related person whom you can call, a staff member who knows them, or someone may remember them from an event they volunteered at or attended. You might even be able to find more info by searching for them on Google!

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Maximize Your Pledge Forms

Do you have checkboxes on your pledge forms to solicit Volunteers, Young Leaders, and more? Use Andar Plans with a simple DMO to find these constituents and reach out to them. This process can be fully automated, depending on the schedule you set.

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What's An "Offset Day"?

You can use Andar Plans to create comprehensive workflows to ensure completion of all tasks within a project. As you add tasks to your Plan, Andar will ask for the “offset day.” This offset is the expected number of days after the start of the Plan. So, when the Plan is assigned to an account and given a start date, Andar will automatically use the “offset day” to calculate the date this task should start.

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