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New in Service Pack 2017.02: Charts can now have multiple y-axis and data sets within the same chart. For example, you can show the number of donors and gift amounts over time on the same chart.

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Executive Plus

New in Service Pack 2017.01: We are adding the ability to pass parameters to Executive Plus components and portlets from web pages. A few years ago we introduced the ability to provide a parameter value to Executive Plus components on the dashboard apps. This meant that you could create a single component and have it show different information based on the parameter provided. This new enhancement expands this concept to include article parameters and web based Executive Plus parameters.

So, for example, you could create an Executive Plus component to show a company’s campaign progress thermometer. The account number could be provided to the component as an encrypted parameter. The company could then insert the campaign progress component on their intranet web site so their employees can see their campaign progress anytime. Each company would be provided with the same component but a different parameter.

Similarly, you could create a web page (article) with an Executive Plus component to show gifts in an envelope. Using a projector, you could show this peer-to-peer fundraising web page at an event. The page could show recent gifts and/or the largest gifts received to entice participation and competition. The envelope numbers can be added to the article as a user defined field and then passed along to the Executive Plus components to show the right envelopes. So, the same components can be reused on different articles for different events. Note that the parameters are encrypted to ensure donor privacy.

These are just two of potentially thousands of uses of this new functionality. Executive Plus offers the flexibility to customize your dashboards and web sites to engage constituents and provide personalized information.

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