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Recap: Round Table - Online Giving

Thank you for all those who attended our best practice round table meeting talking about online giving.

Click to view the recorded webinar.

For resources from the webinar please visit: www.AndarSoftware.com/Roundtable

For questions please ask Eric.

Our next discussion topic will be announced soon.

Report Highlight: Volunteer Hours Report

Use the Volunteer Hours Report to calculate volunteer hours based on a variety of criteria. It will provide details such as volunteer name, account#, team, opportunity name, opportunity number, date and hours worked along with totals.


Check out a sample report...

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Online Giving Round Table

Join us for our next best practice round table meeting. We will be talking about online giving.

Users will be sharing their experience with running online giving sites along with those who only receive pledges from online campaigns. Join us for tangible and actionable information regarding online giving. There will be time for Q&A. There is no fee. This round table will be recorded.

July 26, 2018 - 2:00 PM EDT: Click to Register.

If you are interested in being a panelist or if you have questions please ask Eric..

Do you accept donor pledge payments online?

Do you accept donor pledge payments online? Why not? Andar/360 allows donors to view giving/designation history along with the ability to pay their pledge online*. This can be done through the new Statements web page or via the existing Account History page. Whether it is a Bill Me pledge, or a Payroll pledge, or even a pledge submitted on paper, donors can go online to view their statements in .pdf and make payments online for their gifts. Corporate gifts can also be paid online.

Online help...


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*The Andar/360 ePledge module is required.

Volunteer and Giving UNITE!

By: Eric Crammond

Integration is the theme for 2018 here at Andar Software. Recently I was asked how we "marry" ePledge and eVolunteer. The answer is easy - just add the web menu items to the desired role for the desired end users. Did you know you can combine any of the web menu items together to create a unique and custom online experience?

Volunteer, pledge, and register for an event all in one site!

See all this information in ONE screen - see more about Biotabs.

See Employee Volunteers on their employer without effort. Check out the Emp Volunteers sub-tab.

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Project/Process Management and Andar/360

Andar/360 plans is a project management tool all users have access to. A plan is a group of things to do (tasks) that are required to reach a desired goal.

For example, an Employee Campaign Plan might consist of procedural steps (tasks) that are used to solicit donors within a workplace:  Introductory e-Mail, CEO Call, ECC meeting, Employee Rally, Thank You Rally, and ECC turning in Pledges. These tasks are often performed by different individuals and on different days. All of the tasks are attached to one account - keeping straight where in the process you currently are with one particular account.

See them in action.

Contact Eric to learn more and to find out how we can help you create plans.

We Campaign 4 U

Leave it to the experts. We can set up your e-Pledge Campaigns for you. We can customize your websites and ensure your campaigns run smoothly. Don't wait for the busy season, get started now.

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Users Group Conference

Every year we get asked for some form of justification to attend the Users Group Conference. We normally give some complex mathematical proof that your attendance at the conference is absolutely required. This year, we're doing it again except that we'll make use of our new iEngage module to take you through the calculations and prove to you that you absolutely must attend the conference. In the process, you will get a glimpse into this exciting new Marketing tool.

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We Prospect 4 U

Leave it to the experts. We can create your prospect codes and help you implement your prospecting strategy.

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