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Getting ready for campaign?

Are you getting your database ready? Testing mail list pulls?

Have you checked saved reports and set those that should be auto emailed regularly?

Are you preparing to assign goals and managers?

We are here to help if needed - let us help set your database for success, launch e-Pledge campaigns, deploy and build custom reports, set goals and more. For questions about our professional services please contact us,

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Report Highlight: Designation Matrix Report

The Designation Matrix Report provides analysis of designations based on the donor's giving levels and designated categories. This report shows up to 5 campaign years. The giving levels can be user-defined. This report includes processed transactions only.

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eClass - DC Payout Overview

This class includes an introduction to the foundational elements associated with Donor Choice Payouts (Designations, DC Structure, DC Contracts & Parameters) and a comprehensive summary of the steps involved in the overall process (Definition, Pending Reports, Completion, External Reports, Download, Rebuild).

 Join us on Thursday, April 19. Class will start at 1pm EDT and run for approximately 2 hours.

Fee: $ 200.00 per site [One WebEx & Phone Connection]

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We Payout 4 U

Leave it to the experts. We can create your designation policies, ensure Andar is set up right, run your payouts, and ensure your funds are distributed according to your donor's wishes.

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eClass Learning

Here are the current eClass offerings...


  • Intro to Finance - March 22, 2018 (Register)
  • Donor Choice Payout Overview - March 26, 2018 (Register)
  • Advanced Data Mining - April 3, 2018 (Register)

  * All classes will start at 2pm EST and run for approximately 2 hours.

Space is limited.  Fee: $ 200.00 per site - [One WebEx & Phone Connection]

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Payout FAQ and a new Error Report

Payout FAQ answers many of your questions regarding Andar Donor Choice Payouts.

New in Service Pack 2018.01: a report called Donor Choice Payout Process Error Report will be generated when a payout calculation job is finished or terminated with error status. The report will list errors (if any) with instructions on how to correct them.

Read project 110442...