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Are Year-End Campaigns Useless?

Is it true that 15%-30% of donations come in on the last month of the year? Find out what Mesa United Way and United Way of Central Alabama had to say.

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Create Personalized Content for Your Donors

Have you ever wanted to display a graphic on your website for only one company and not others? Do you want to show a slideshow only on your home page and not the other pages of your website? 

You can do this by using Targets. Targets show or hide web content. Think of a Target as a "group of friends" on Facebook (your family, your co-workers, your classmates in high school, your close friends, etc.) that you use to show or hide your posts on Facebook. For example, "I want only my close friends to see this photo, all my other friends should not see it." Another example, "I want all my classmates in high school except Joe to see this message."

Targets can be used to show or hide features to groups of people, and are reusable in different portlets. Learn how to use Targets in this handy tutorial.

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Improve the Donor Experience

What did United Way Elgin Middlesex do to refresh their online brand?

Watch this video of Aness Symons, Associate Director of Communications & Donor Experience, to find out.

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Avoid Donor Loss

Many nonprofit organizations suffer from having a leaky bucket of donors. Find out what you can do to avoid losing supporters.

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Manage Your Prospects

Do you know what move state your prospects are in? What their linkage ability or interest is?

You can manage and view all of this data by account manager when you use the Prospect Metrics Details App in Andar MIG. Learn how to add prospect metrics details to a dashboard by visiting Customer Support!

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Data is the New Currency - Part 4

Over the past weeks, we have asked questions about your data. This week, let's dig into the final question ...
"Why do you collect the data you are storing?"

How does knowing this data benefit you? How does it grow your campaign, your organization's impact, and community support? The information you collect and store on those you know, want to know and those you serve is one of the most important assets your organization has if you know how to use it properly. Organizations need to have a strategic plan and look to grow each specific data point to make them as effective as possible.

This plan should be documented so that each database user understands its importance.

Click here for a sample list of key data points...

Click for a sample template to document what, how, and WHY key data points are stored...

Previous parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Report Highlight - Volunteering History Report

Volunteer Hours & Assignments Meet Giving History.

The Volunteering History Report shows volunteers' giving history and their volunteering history. The report prints volunteer basic information (name, address, pledge history), and volunteer hours. 


Website and Support Center Updates

You can now find all of our company news and your Support Center on our website. With this move we also updated the Support Center landing pages. After logging in, you now have a dashboard tab view with information grouped by topic area such as Support Policy, Online Help/Training, Software Downloads, and more. The Project Search tab will open that page where you can search for an existing project or choose the Create Project button to enter a new project. 

Use the Customer Support menu item at the top of the page to navigate back to the main Andar/360 Support Center, find Projects, update your personal Profile, view your organization's Customer Profile, or Signoff. 

If you're looking for something and can't find it, please let us know.

United Way of Midland County Launches Sharing Tree Impact Store

What more encompasses the holiday season than giving? Especially giving through online shopping. 

United Way of Midland County in Midland, Michigan leveraged our love of giving and shopping to boost donations at a time of year when those activities are at their highest. Their online Sharing Tree Impact Store lets donors choose and “purchase” basic need items or gifts to help bring holiday joy to those in need across their community. 

This Sharing Tree was created through the Shopping Cart feature in Andar/360's e-Pledge solution. We're happy to tell you more about e-Pledge, Shopping Cart, or designing your own custom giving websites. Contact us to start a conversation. 

United Way of Midland County Sharing Tree