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How to Process Disaster Relief Campaigns

There are multiple options available in Andar and e-Community for processing disaster relief campaigns to help victims of earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, etc.
Questions to consider when deciding what option to use:

  • Do you want to count these funds in your Local/Annual campaign?
  • Will any of the funds come from workplace campaigns?
  • Do the funds need to be posted to different GL accounts?
  • Could you potentially be raising funds for more than one disaster at the same time?


We Payout 4 U

Leave it to the experts. We can create your designation policies, ensure Andar is set up right, run your payouts, and ensure your funds are distributed according to your donor's wishes.

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Report Highlight - Donor Choice Summary Management Report

The Donor Choice Summary Management Report allows you to summarize designations for Donor Choice accounts - Master, Federation, Agency, Program accounts - for a specific campaign year. The summary can be ordered by Federation, by Federation/Agency, and by Federation/Agency (with Program Information).


Enhancements to the Donor Choice Accounts Report

The Donor Choice Accounts Report will have new options in Andar 2018.01: 

  • Include EIN
  • Account with designations only
  • Include unstructured agency designations

See Project 105363 for more information.

Andar Connector

Andar Connector is a very powerful tool for bringing large amounts of account and pledge data from an outside source into Andar. This tool is especially useful if the data are already in a spreadsheet. Data are read into a "holding area" within Andar where the information is validated, corrected interactively, and finally processed. When the information is processed, Andar will match and update existing accounts or create new accounts, and create new pledges and designations.

If you have large amounts of account and pledge data in a spreadsheet, the most efficient way is to prepare them in a CSV template and import the data via Andar Connector. Instead of creating an Andar account for each new donor through the Adding Account windows and entering or updating account information into various profile tabs and sub-tabs of account profiles and entering pledges and designations through the Add a Transaction window, you can combine all the tasks into a single Connector operation.

What Can Be Imported into Andar via Andar Connector?


Documentation Update

The following documentation has been updated:

Data Policies

Recurring Pledge Rules in Andar and e-Pledge

Campaign Dates

Move Transactions

Change Logs for Billing Schedules

Publish on the Web for Standard M Reports

System Preferences for Web Designations

e-Pledge Sample

Andar is by far the most flexible system around. Check out what the United Way of Midland County is working on for this coming Christmas fundraising...

e-Pledge site... (work in progress)

Don't forget to try it on your smartphone.

Do you want to share your web site?  Call our Help Desk and let us know.  We'll be happy to share your work.


Plan to Update

Coming in Service Pack 2017.02: We are adding a new plan task action to feed data into Andar Connector. This means that you can gather information through data mining, texting, surveys, web site, etc., and then use this information to update your constituent profile. You can also use it to automatically add a transaction to your donor.

Imagine... a simple text such as “Educate 50" and Andar immediately and automatically adds a $50 donation for your education initiative! Text any amount.  Setup any initiative!  No forms to fill out. Just one single text will do it. That’s it, that’s all.  Fast!

Read Project 103929...

Designation Payment

The power of Andar lies in the ability to handle special cases. What if an agency has been paid directly by the Donor, the Fundraising Account, or the Processing Account? Don’t worry, we have a document that explains what to do...


D/C Payout Report e-Mail and Archives

Did you know that Andar can automatically email payout reports to your agencies? It’s easy to set up and Andar can then do it automatically for you. Just tell Andar what email template to use and you’re done!

Some customers find that old payout reports take up too much space and wish to archive them. You can have Andar do this automatically. Just specify a folder name and Andar will take care of it.