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Get Close and Personal with Data Mining

Using data analysis to drive business decisions is a great way to help your organization grow, but what happens if you're not pulling the right data? Or if you're not sure how to extract the data in the first place? Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran at data mining operations, the Data Mining Supplement is bound to have valuable information for you. Get all the details on selecting accounts, conditions, and data below.

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DMO Enhancements

Data Mining Operations (DMO) is the ad hoc reporting tool in Andar/360. Data Mining is part of the core Andar product. Use a DMO to identify trends, donor churn, pull mailing lists and much more.

Check out what is new with data mining in 2018.02.

User Defined Fields

Where can you create your own user defined fields? Lots of places!

Accounts: You can find user defined fields under the General Tab of your accounts. Table #200 defines the type of fields. These include numbers, text, URL, date/time, selection boxes, etc. You can use data mining to select accounts based on these values or mass-import values using Andar Connector.  User defined fields can also be used as plan task triggers to direct your workflows.

And more...
And more...

Employment Relationships: You can customize User Defined fields on the employee/employer relationships specific to the employer. Each company can have their own user defined fields with specific sets of values. These fields can be used to customize your volunteering and giving web pages and the employer e-Pledge reports can include these user defined fields so your ECCs can slice and dice data using their fields. These fields can be data mined and mass imported using Andar Connector.


Transactions: There are 10 User Defined field on each transaction. You can decide how you use them. They can be used as custom entry fields on e-Pledge or used to store data through JavaScript. They can be data mined and mass imported using Andar Connector.


Best Practice Round Table Idea Submission

We want to give you a chance to provide feedback & suggest topics for the upcoming best practice webinar. There will be no cost for attending. We will announce the date and topic next week.

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Intro to Data Mining

Do you know how a DMO works? Check out this video:


Data is the New Currency

The following three crucial questions are the beginning in creating a strategic data collection plan.

  • What data are you collecting on accounts?
  • How are you storing this information?
  • Why are you collecting each piece of information?

These questions must be part of your organization's long term strategic goals and each staff person should be able to list the answers to these three questions regardless of your system of record.

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing and sharing answers to each of these questions.

“Data really powers everything that we do.” – Jeff Weiner

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Advanced Data Mining eClass

Please join us May 11, 2018 @ 2pm EST for an Advanced DMO eClass.

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The class will run for approximately 2 hours.

Fee: $200.00 per site [One WebEx & Phone Connection]

eClass Learning

Here are the current eClass offerings...


  • Intro to Finance - March 22, 2018 (Register)
  • Donor Choice Payout Overview - March 26, 2018 (Register)
  • Advanced Data Mining - April 3, 2018 (Register)

  * All classes will start at 2pm EST and run for approximately 2 hours.

Space is limited.  Fee: $ 200.00 per site - [One WebEx & Phone Connection]

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Basic Data Mining

Join us March 15, 2018 to learn about Basic Data Mining in Andar/360. This eClass will explain the basic concepts of data mining and specifically look at how to use the AND, OR logical operators along with the PATTERN Option for donor Churn. We will also look at how to find lapsed accounts and other prospects. Best practices will be discussed. Registration is now open.

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* All classes will start at 2pm EST and run for approximately 2 hours.

Space is limited.  Fee: $ 200.00 per site - [One WebEx & Phone Connection]