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New: Featured Enhancements List

We have developed a Featured Enhancements List to collect feedback from you and other Andar/360 users.

Each month we’ll offer a curated list of suggested code changes:

  • This month, it’s an eclectic set of development proposals.
  • In the coming months, we’ll feature enhancements of specific topics such as i-Access, Manager Notifications, and more.

Check out the current list and let us know which projects interest you!

See Enhancements

Get a Sneak Peek Into the 2019.01 Release

Would you like to take a glimpse of what's coming in the newest release? Click on the linked Help to see the differences between the old version and the new one.

What's New

Save the Date for the User Group Conference!

The 2019 Andar Software User Group Conference will be in April, 2019. The location and registration information will be released soon. Expect sunshine and lots of learning!

New Andar Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

We are proud to announce that we are now offering Cloud Hosting for Andar/360. Save money by getting rid of your servers and letting us take care of your technology. We’ll handle security, backups, upgrades and much more.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Coming in 2019.01: Changing Data Type for form lines

Have you ever changed your mind when designing a survey or a CB Form? Have you ever created a form line and then users wanted you to change it to something else?

A lot of time it involves changing the data type. With 2019.01, you will be able to do this without having to delete and re-create the entire line.

Read Project 99267.


Attention all DSOG members: We have been working with United Way Worldwide to understand the requirements for the Shared Data Record (SDR) and how data is to be pulled from Andar. As we understand it, many United Ways are struggling with this and spending a lot of time preparing their SDR for upload into DSOG.

We are proposing to build a one-click report to pull your unique data ready for DSOG upload. We are also working with UWW to automatically upload this data electronically into DSOG, and soon, to receive data from DSOG to update Andar.

We would maintain this new SDR report to reflect the quarterly changes implemented by UWW.

We believe it wasteful and extremely time-consuming to have every United Way do this on their own and we would recommend pooling resources to build a better, less expensive solution to be used by all.

If you are interested, please contact Real Bedard at

For those of you needing assistance with your custom DMOs and queries, please contact Darryl Langman, our Director of Customer Care, at (877) 479-3780 x335, and he will be happy to setup a project to perform this work.

SalesForce Integration

Did you know that we have started building a native live integration between Andar and SalesForce? No middleware needed, no developers required. Synchronize your accounts live automatically. We are currently scheduled to release a beta version in January and the first release in June. If you are interested in partnering with us please email

Drag and Drop - Did you know?

Did you know the "drag and drop" of data is available in many places in Andar/360? Save yourself clicks and time by using this feature in the following areas:

  • Data Mining - Reorganize your Account Selection and Data Extract steps.
  • Campaign Structure - Are you reorganizing your structure? Save efforts by dragging and dropping the various levels.
  • CB Structure (Work in Progress - Coming 2018.01)
  • Coordinator Tree
  • Employee Relationships
  • My Outputs - Drag and drop files into an email or to your local computer.
  • Account warehouse and Mailing list - Drag and drop accounts in or out of a warehouse or a mailing list.
  • Relationships (Affiliations, contacts, employees, general, account managers)
  • Attaching documents and photos to your accounts by dragging and dropping files into Notes, Communications, Plan Tasks, Articles, or Image Library.
  • Drag account names to outside of Andar (any area that accepts HTML or plain text).
  • Drag and drop files between two different Andar environments.
  • Main menu: Drag and drop menu items to the Favorite or Recent tab.

To learn more consult the Glossary.

2018 Andar Users Conference

The planning has began for the 2018 Andar/360 Users Conference. This year's conference will once again be hosted by Butler County United Way and will be held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Ohio. Reserve April 30- May 4, 2018 in your calendar now!

Please be looking for more information later in the year.


Documentation Update

The following documentation has been updated:

Data Policies

Recurring Pledge Rules in Andar and e-Pledge

Campaign Dates

Move Transactions

Change Logs for Billing Schedules

Publish on the Web for Standard M Reports

System Preferences for Web Designations