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Clean Up Your Mailing List

Avoid awkward situations by ensuring that you update your mailing lists with the latest information.

Use Andar’s MIG module to automatically handle address redirection when your donor has passed away or is now under the care of someone else. With the care-of relationship, Andar’s mailing list management system will automatically redirect your communications to the correct person.

Add Care Of Relationship

Receive An Alert When A Pledge is Received

Set up automatic e-mail alerts to be notified of pledges, payments, and communications that involve your most important accounts. The alerts can be set up to notify different people based on pledge amounts. For instance, when a $1000 gift comes in, the campaign manager can receive an alert; and if a $5,000 gift comes in, both the campaign manager and the CEO receive the alert.

With an alert, you won't have to wait until someone tells you about a pledge coming in, you'll know right away. Better yet, as soon as you receive the alert, you can call your donor and thank them right away for making such a generous donation!

Set Up Alert

Use "Communication Logs" and "Surveys" Together

CEO call season is in full swing – for many, it has become a year-round job function! Did you know you can better frame your notes after making a CEO or Donor call by using "Communication Logs" and "Surveys" together?

Make it easier for yourself to glean and mine critical information from these calls by putting a structure in place. Learn everything you need to know about "Communication Logs" in Customer Support.

Take Me There

User Defined Fields

Where can you create your own user defined fields? Lots of places!

Accounts: You can find user defined fields under the General Tab of your accounts. Table #200 defines the type of fields. These include numbers, text, URL, date/time, selection boxes, etc. You can use data mining to select accounts based on these values or mass-import values using Andar Connector.  User defined fields can also be used as plan task triggers to direct your workflows.

And more...
And more...

Employment Relationships: You can customize User Defined fields on the employee/employer relationships specific to the employer. Each company can have their own user defined fields with specific sets of values. These fields can be used to customize your volunteering and giving web pages and the employer e-Pledge reports can include these user defined fields so your ECCs can slice and dice data using their fields. These fields can be data mined and mass imported using Andar Connector.


Transactions: There are 10 User Defined field on each transaction. You can decide how you use them. They can be used as custom entry fields on e-Pledge or used to store data through JavaScript. They can be data mined and mass imported using Andar Connector.


Get Started with Andar/360 - Videos

If you’re newish to Andar/360 or know somebody that is, a great place to start is with our New User video series. Our 12 new videos provide step-by-step instructions that will help to get you started in Andar/360. From navigation to the basics of Bio Tabs and Dashboards, these videos will show you things that every Andar/360 user needs to know.

Click to find the videos here.

CRM Alerts

Stop waiting to be told when a pledge or payment is received. Don't get caught meeting with a potential donor or on a CEO visit just to find out about recent communications with other staff in your organization. Set up automatic e-mail alerts today to be notified of pledges, payments and communications with your most important accounts.


Salesforce Intergration

We will be releasing a new module to integrate Andar/360 with Salesforce. With this module, account information changed in Andar will automatically update Salesforce and changes in Salesforce will automatically update Andar. Please contact us for licensing and pricing information.

Please see project 111163 to

Recap: Round Table - CRM & Data Stewardship

Thank you for all those who attended our first quarterly best practice round table meeting talking about CRM & Data Stewardship.

Click to view the recorded webinar.

For resources from the webinar please visit:

For questions please ask Eric..

Our next discussion topic will be: Online Giving – Running and Receiving – July 26, 2018. (Registration link coming soon)