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Retrieve Older Versions of Articles

The 'Audit' tab in an 'Article' window stores different versions of the article. This feature gives you the ability to restore earlier versions of an article. The information that is archived includes the article itself, the set of currently 'attached files', and the set of currently defined article 'interests'.

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Communication Logs Vs. Notes

Which should you use?

While notes may be used to track communications with accounts, they aren't the most efficient way to record chronological information. Notes “live” on a single account and are stand-alone, so they are great for tracking summarized information. Use notes when you want to describe your fundraising strategy for this account, add the status of the current relationship with the account, or even write a bio for your account.

On the other hand, communication logs are a two-way street that span time; a phone call today may be related to an email sent a month ago that was a follow up to a face-to-face meeting. Unlike Notes, Communication Logs may be “linked” to aid everyone in following the thread of the conversation. You can mention multiple individuals, organizations, and events in your communication log, and as a result, the communication log will be attached to all those accounts.

Become a Communication Log pro by watching these videos.

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We Campaign 4 U

Leave it to the experts. We can set up your e-Pledge Campaigns for you. We can customize your websites and ensure your campaigns run smoothly. Don't wait for the busy season, get started now.

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We Customize 4 U

Leave it to the experts. We can create your email templates and customize your e-Pledge websites for you. Don't wait for the busy season, start now and be ready for next fall's successful campaign.

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e-Mail Template Maintenance

New in Service Pack 2017.02: Your corporate employee campaign coordinators can now maintain their own email templates.

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Mailing List Monitor

New in Service Pack 2017.02: With MIG, you can monitor your email campaign easily with this new mailing list monitor. You can view one mailing list or have it listen in on broadcasts from your list of mailing lists.  See live reads and clicks right from your dashboard. 

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Andar Segmentation

Does Andar support segmentation? Of course it does! You can use simple data mining to collect individuals into warehouses (segments) and then either email different appeals to your different segments or use the warehouse in your e-Community “targets” so that each segment gets different messaging on the web or emails or letters.

You can also get much more sophisticated with rankings and loyalty scoring. These tools can automatically segment your donors.

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e-Pledge Sample

Andar is by far the most flexible system around. Check out what the United Way of Midland County is working on for this coming Christmas fundraising...

e-Pledge site... (work in progress)

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Microsites, any look you want

Do you have multiple giving campaigns? Multiple events? Specialized appeals? Do you want them branded differently? Andar can do that! You can create new “Web Customization Account” to assign any standard customizations and then insert that account virtually anywhere in your customization pecking order. This means that you could merge parts of it with your standard look, override other parts, and still keep unique constituent personalizations.



As usual, the Andar conference also offers five (5) separate highly focused 2-full-day training sessions to choose from. They are:

•    New User Training - Learn the foundation of Andar. Understand how your data is organized and how to find it quickly. Learn how Andar is the key to successful CRM.
•    e-Pledge - Learn how to setup and manage online workplace campaigns.
•    Content Management System - Learn how to build and customize your online Andar engagement platform. Customize your e-pledge web site, manage email campaigns, collect information using surveys.
•    Data Mining Basics - Learn how to perform basic segmentation of your constituents. Dig deep into your data using complex conditions; customize reporting; automate your process.
•    Data Mining Advanced - There is gold in your database. Learn how to use advanced data mining techniques to gain a greater understanding of your community.

Don’t wait, the conference is just around the corner. Clich here to Register now.