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Why Does My Report Say, "Achieved: No"?

If you have the Allocations and Outcomes module (also known as Community Building), you may have seen some of your reports contain, "Achieved: No" in them.

The reason for that is because the value for "Achieved" is not automatically determined by, nor automatically updated by the software. It's also not a value that your agencies/programs can provide for themselves. It's up to you, and your staff, to decide if the program has achieved its goals (on a per-indicator basis). If your organization wants to use the "Achieved" field, it is up to you to set the answer on every Indicator from your agencies/programs.

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Automate Your Volunteer Application Process

Organizing large groups of volunteers can be challenging if you don't have a system in place to help you process all the applications and the documentation that goes along with it. See how the United Way of Midland County in Michigan mastered the task and saved hours of time by using Workflow Plans.

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Which Font Should I Use?

The latest fonts used by United Way, according to the latest brand guidelines, are called ‘Roboto’ and ‘League Gothic.’ You can load these fonts using your styles to override other fonts for e-Mails/Articles/e-Pledge etc. You will be able to load them into your Andar Stylesheets and apply them to almost any element. (Heading, Paragraph, List, etc.)

To download the fonts visit: 


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Update your website look

Is your e-Pledge or other Andar web tools mobile friendly? Does your site match your public website? Core changes to e-Community and e-Pledge, specifically internal code structure, were made to accommodate more flexible mobile skin designs and to better support accessibility as well as multilingual design. We have released two built-in mobile skins based on the United Way Worldwide design, one in blue and the other in red.

Don't wait, we can help you migrate your old e-Pledge sites to the new mobile responsive look. Call our help desk today to schedule your move... call toll free (877) 479-3780.

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New Red Look

New Blue Look

Project/Process Management and Andar/360

Andar/360 plans is a project management tool all users have access to. A plan is a group of things to do (tasks) that are required to reach a desired goal.

For example, an Employee Campaign Plan might consist of procedural steps (tasks) that are used to solicit donors within a workplace:  Introductory e-Mail, CEO Call, ECC meeting, Employee Rally, Thank You Rally, and ECC turning in Pledges. These tasks are often performed by different individuals and on different days. All of the tasks are attached to one account - keeping straight where in the process you currently are with one particular account.

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Contact Eric to learn more and to find out how we can help you create plans.

Coming Soon...

Here are some upcoming enhancements that will be delivered in the 2018.01 service pack.

Core Andar/360:

  • Project # 19280 - The ability to DMO volunteer opportunity information independent from volunteer assignments.
  • Project # 64430 - Adds a system preference that will show a custom Bio Tab whenever a user creates a new account and selects Add & Open.


  • Project # 105140 - Allows the use of Surveys to collect additional information when a volunteer is signing up for an opportunity.

Community Building:

  • Project # 103204 - You will now be able to maintain a community building structure via dragging and dropping accounts - no longer need to rebuild the structure from scratch.
  • Project # 105055 - Adds the ability to extract allocation information via DMO at the funding team level.


  • Project # 95007 - The ability to have a Single Page Workplace Giving site.

General Web:

Look for the service pack release in: Mid January 2018.

Image Library

Did you know? You can easily add images and files into web notes, emails, articles and more via the Andar Image Library tool. This feature will allow you to customize ePledge sites and eMails quickly and easily. 


2018 Andar Users Conference

The planning has began for the 2018 Andar/360 Users Conference. This year's conference will once again be hosted by Butler County United Way and will be held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Ohio. Reserve April 30- May 4, 2018 in your calendar now!

Please be looking for more information later in the year.


Documentation Update

The following documentation has been updated:

Andar Connector Import:

Agency Descriptions
CB Allocations
CB Funding Source

Online Statements and Payments

CB Packages: Automatically save entered data

CB Packages: Complete All Items

CB Program Evaluation Form: Answer Table

e-Pledge: Employer Zip / Postal Codes

e-Pledge: Start pledging using a Shopping Cart

e-Pledge: the donor re-visiting the Pledge page after completing a pledge

e-Pledge: Employee Campaign Coordinators maintain their own e-mail templates

Plan Actions

Workflow Plan