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New in 2020.02: Employee Registration & Pledge Single Page

Andar Software will be introducing a new giving option to version 2020.02 of Andar/360 that allows a donor to register as an employee of a specified company and enter the gift, all in one page.

The experience will be similar to the Single Registration and Pledge Page for individual donors, with the addition that it will also create an employment relationship for the new account.

The new page can work with shopping cart checkout if you desire. A special thank you to United Way East Ontario for supporting this project.

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New in 2020.02: Generate QR Codes for Unknown Event Attendees

In version 2020.02 of Andar/360, you can register a group of attendees before an event, generate a list of QR code tickets for each person in the group, and gather their registrant information at a later time.

When would this new feature be useful to you? An example is when a person registers a group of people through i-Attend, but they don't know who the attendees will be. In the past, i-Attend would not generate a QR code for unknown attendees. This new feature allows the registrant to receive all the tickets at once so that they can distribute them to attendees before the event.

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