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What's New in 2019.01?

Are you wondering what new enhancements are coming with the 2019.01 Andar/360 Service Pack? Read all the details here.

Do you want us to install the Service Pack for you? We can do that! Please create a project or call the Helpdesk.

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Please Note: Important Changes in Service Pack 2019.01

The latest Service Pack is filled with great new features to improve your daily workflow. To make this happen, we've made some changes to our product:

  • Bootstrap 3 will be upgraded to Bootstrap 4 (this is a significant upgrade)
  • Font Awesome 4 will be upgraded to Font Awesome 5

These changes may impact your website’s User Interface.
Please contact Andar Software’s Help Desk and a member of our web team will assist you.

Get a Sneak Peek Into the 2019.01 Release

Would you like to take a glimpse of what's coming in the newest release? Click on the linked Help to see the differences between the old version and the new one.

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