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Recurring Gifts

New in Service Pack 2017.02: Also known as sustained, continuous, or perpetual, a recurring gift is where a donor goes online and commits to a gift that is repeated monthly or annually... forever. This is a little different than what is referred to as a pre-authorized gift in e-Pledge. A pre-authorized gift is one annual pledge paid in monthly installments. The recurring gift keeps on giving, year after year. Best of all, it’s not just for credit cards, donors can give with ACH directly from their bank account as well. Furthermore, the donor can go online and update their credit card or ACH information any time.

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Pay my pledge

New in Service Pack 2017.02: With e-Pledge, donors can now pay their pledge. Whether it’s a “bill-me” pledge, or a payroll pledge, or even a pledge submitted on paper, your donors can go online and make their payment. Corporate gifts can also be paid online.

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e-Mail Template Maintenance

New in Service Pack 2017.02: Your corporate employee campaign coordinators can now maintain their own email templates.

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New Filters

New in Service Pack 2017.02: We have added the ability to show any data as a chart throughout Andar. The filter window available to MIG users now has an option to show the data as a chart. It’s easy, just select the chart type and select what data column to show on the chart.

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New Workflow Condition

New in Service Pack 2017.02: Workflow plans in MIG now support an “else” condition. This means you can have a task execute if none of the other dependent and conditioned tasks are executed. Plans have grown significantly over the last few years to give you the tools needed to implement your CRM strategy. You can create very comprehensive automated procedures that ensures critical relationships don’t fall through the cracks.

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Mailing List Monitor

New in Service Pack 2017.02: With MIG, you can monitor your email campaign easily with this new mailing list monitor. You can view one mailing list or have it listen in on broadcasts from your list of mailing lists.  See live reads and clicks right from your dashboard. 

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Documentation Update

The following documentation has been updated:

Data Policies

Recurring Pledge Rules in Andar and e-Pledge

Campaign Dates

Move Transactions

Change Logs for Billing Schedules

Publish on the Web for Standard M Reports

System Preferences for Web Designations

Donor Statistics

New in Service Pack 2017.02: We have created in MIG a new “Roll-up” version of the donor statistics for companies. This will roll-up data from all subsidiary accounts.

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Transaction Register Report

New in Service Pack 2017.02: We have added the ability to select relative dates such as “*Previous Year” so that you can save the report and re-run it anytime without having to change dates.

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