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Survey Document Attachments

New in Service Pack 2017.01: When creating surveys, you can now have respondents attach a document as an answer to a question. This is a great way to organize your data collection from agencies, companies, board members and other stakeholders.


Andar API

Are you using SQL functions to change Andar data? Do you have integration software to move data from other applications into Andar? These functions can often corrupt your database. We are working to protect your database and as such, we have released a new API module that will ensure data is loaded into Andar correctly and securely. Get ahead of the curve, start migrating your integration software to use the new API now. We intend to prevent external changes to the Andar database in later 2018 or early 2019.


New Website/eMail/Letters Looks - 2017.01

New with the 2017.01 Andar/360 Service Pack are 2 New Updated Look and Feel Templates.

These templates are built on a "mobile" first platform and are available for the Web, eMail and the various letter (Thank You, Bill Statement, Receipt, and General) templates.

Please contact us to assist in the implementation of these templates (andarsupport@andar360.com).

New Red Look

New Blue Look

Service Pack 2017.01

A few months ago we released our biggest service pack yet. Many customers have already upgraded. Find out what you’re missing, read the content summary on our news page.


GL Export

New in Service Pack 2017.01: We have completely changed the way the GL export works. Now you can customize the data columns exported from Andar. You can select which column you want, place them in the order you want, and set the column header you want. Furthermore, you can save these settings and reuse them month after month.

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New Client Management Console

New in Service Pack 2017.01: With last month’s service pack, we also released a new CMC which no longer requires the dongle. However, you will need to make sure your server has Internet access so Andar can obtain the license off the web. You can upgrade to the new CMC while still running your Andar at the 2016.02 Service Pack level.

The Service Pack is here!

As we’ve said before, Service Pack 2017.01 is our biggest one yet! You can read an overview of what to expect in our press release.

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New in Service Pack 2017.01: We have enhanced the account filter on all lists so that you can filter accounts which you have or have not communicated with over a given period of time. This tool is invaluable when listing only contacts, employees, prospects, etc., known to you. This is also a great way to eliminate clutter from your dashboards, profile reports, and i-Access used on mobile devices.

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Andar Conference

The hotel is ready! The draft agenda has been published! Once the agenda is final, we’ll open registrations. Now’s a good time to review the agenda and get your management approval to attend this year’s conference. As you’ll soon see, with the spectacular enhancements to Andar in this January’s Service Pack, you’re sure to learn a lot at this year’s conference.

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Andar API

New in Service Pack 2017.01: We are releasing a new API module for Andar. With this module, your programmers will be able to integrate Andar with virtually any third party product such as SalesForce, Constant Contact, etc.

What’s an API? An Application Program Interface (API) is a documented communication that you can use to move data between Andar and other applications. Here is a YouTube video (https://youtu.be/7YcW25PHnAA) that shows how APIs work in general. Andar works the same way.

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