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New Client Management Console

New in Service Pack 2017.01: With last month’s service pack, we also released a new CMC which no longer requires the dongle. However, you will need to make sure your server has Internet access so Andar can obtain the license off the web. You can upgrade to the new CMC while still running your Andar at the 2016.02 Service Pack level.


New in Service Pack 2016.02: You can now implement tags in your newsletters and other web pages on your web site. As you enter your articles into Andar, you can add tags to each article.  Andar will then automatically group articles by tag. Try it out, we started using tags on our web site for the Coffee Break newsletter so you can click any of the tags to see all other articles with that tag.  Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more tags for past Coffee Breaks so you'll be able to navigate specific topics better.

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Web Customizations

New in Service Pack 2016.02: As you probably know, Andar uses a specific account pecking order to determine what customizations to use on the web. It first looks at the individual account, then the organization account (and parents), then Master account, etc. In this service pack we introduced the ability to create special accounts of type “Web Customization Account”. Furthermore, you can insert such an account in the pecking order using a new link (URL) parameter. This means that you can very easily create micro-sites and different looking web pages.

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Throughout Andar, you can customize the information shown in lists using filters. You will need the MIG module for this. The power of filters is that once you customize your list, you can save it and give it a name. Now you can switch views quickly by selecting the filter you want. New in Service Pack 2016.02: We have also added quick filters on column headers. It’s an easier way to quickly find information in specific columns.


i-Access - Easy Account Search

New in Service Pack 2016.02: Every dashboard and bio tab in i-Access now include an easy to use search gadget at the top. This makes it easy to find accounts using your smart phone or tablet while away from the office.

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Service Pack 2016.02

We are going through our final release checklists and we expect Service Pack 2016.02 to be released any day now. You can download the service pack table of contents at www.Andar360.com/ServicePacks and prepare your impact review. You can also review a high-level summary in our press release page at https://www.andarsoftware.com/servlet/eAndar.article/2481/Release-201602 

e-Pledge Performance

New in Service Pack 2016.02: We have significantly improved the performance of e-Pledge as well as the sending of emails and e-Newsletters. In our tests, improvements between 20% and 45% have been achieved depending on content.

Thank you UPIC Solutions for your assistance with this project.

Time Line

New in Service Pack 2016.02: We have created a new MIG time-line dashboard app similar to the time-line app available on account bio tabs. This new app shows all changes to all accounts assigned to a specific manager. Now your account managers can easily monitor changes to any of their accounts. Also, when coupled with your warehouse of managers using the dashboard broadcasting, executives can easily track the work performed by their staff.

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We are growing

Service Pack 2016.02 of Andar is due to be released next week. Note that July 1st is a holiday and our technical support will not be available on that day, so plan your service pack installation accordingly.

We’ve also had an increased demand for additional services such as e-Pledge and other web page designs. If you are going to be looking for our assistance in setting up your online campaigns, make sure you plan far ahead and book your requests ASAP.

To help with the increased demands, we are growing our staff. We have opened a number of career opportunities.

Alert! Thank You Letters

New in Service Pack 2016.02: We are changing the way Thank You letter codes are assigned using Executive Plus. Whereas there used to be two Executive Plus components specified to run, one on transaction entry and the other on designation entry, these have been merged into only one Executive Plus component that runs in both cases.

Those customers using this function will need to re-code their queries.

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