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Surveys and CB Forms

New in Service Pack 2016.01: Did you know that you can now add validation on your survey forms? It’s very simple, just click on the “Validation” tab of the specific survey form question. There you can add your validation rule and error message to show.

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Thank You United Way of the Lower Mainland for assisting with this enhancement.

Sort Fields

Every company has its own corporate hierarchy to organize its business and employees. When running workplace campaigns, it’s important that the company be able to report on its employees using their own hierarchy. In Andar, this is supported using “Sort Fields” in the employee/employer relationships. The hierarchy is defined in the organization account under the “e-Community” Tab, “Employee Info” subtab. There, the company can define its own sorting levels such as divisions, business units, locations, departments, etc. The employee relationships can then use the sort fields to place the employee in a specific division, business unit, location, department, etc.

New in Service Pack 2016.01: Sort fields are now stored on transactions. This means that as employees move from department to department, corporate historical reports are not affected. In other words, if an employee donated $1,000 through his/her accounting department last year and the employee moves to the research department for this year’s campaign, the last year dollars for the accounting department will continue to show the $1,000.

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New in Service Pack 2016.02: Sort fields can now be structured. For example, a company could have a “Home” division with “Kitchen Appliances” and “Housewares” as subdivisions whereas their “Office” division has “Copiers” and “Computers” as subdivisions.

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New in Service Pack 2016.01: Did you know that you can now drag-n-drop account names in Andar? This is a very powerful tool when combined with your dashboards and bio tabs. You can click on an account name in a relationship app (employee, affiliation, contact, etc.) or warehouse or mailing list and drag the name into another relationship app or warehouse or mailing list. When dropping the name into a relationship, the add relationship window pops up ready to add the relationship.

Did you know that if you drag an account to your Window’s task bar and, while continuing to drag, hover over another Window on the task bar, that Window will open so you can drop your account into that Window? Try it out...

Did you know that if you drag an account name over to your account tabs, that tab will open so you can drop your account into that tab? That’s a great way to drag an account name from your affiliation to contact tabs.

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Dashboard Accounts

New in Service Pack 2016.01.01: You can now add dashboard apps that will adapt to the person logged in. Global dashboard apps such as “Account Information” have a new option “Account of Logged in Users” in addition to the “Specific Account” and “Listen to selections on channel”. This means you can add an app to your global dashboard to show the current logged in user’s “Plan Progress”, or managed accounts, or communication summary, etc.

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Dashboard Apps

New in Service Pack 2016.01.01: You can now hide dashboard apps listening for individuals when organizations are broadcasted. Similarly, when an individual account is broadcasted, you can hide organization apps. This makes your dashboard and i-Access much cleaner and less cluttered.

On the dashboard app settings, just click the box for "Hide this app when selected account is not an individual [organization] account."

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Single Signon

Did you know that Andar supports SAML Single Signon? This is an automatic login process for e-Community (e-Pledge). Employees at large companies supporting the SAML protocol can setup a link within their corporate intranet site to link their employees directly to your e-Pledge. The employee can be taken directly to your giving page without having to enter a user ID or password. This is because the employee has already logged in on their company’s intranet (therefore has been authenticated) and SAML has pre-established a trust between Andar’s e-Community and the Company’s intranet website. The e-Pledge features make it much easier and faster for employees to donate online.

New in Patch 2016.01.01: We have expanded our SAML implementation so that your companies can also automatically send employee information to e-Community. The company can send the employee name, email address, sort fields, and other user defined fields they need in the employee relationship directly to e-Community as employees donate. Andar will use these fields to update the account information in Andar. As employees move from department to department, their information in Andar will automatically be updated. Furthermore, and more importantly, if the employee does not exist in Andar, it will be created.

So, now you can completely eliminate the need to upload employee information into Andar! New employees are automatically added as they pledge. This saves you time, it saves the company time.

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NEW - Shopping Cart

New in Patch 2016.01.01: e-Pledge now includes a shopping cart. Just like shopping at Amazon, donors will be able to select items such as your education initiatives, special projects, your partner agencies and other programs and invest either a preset amount or enter an amount. Each shop item can include pictures, descriptions, and other information. Once their shopping is done, they can click checkout and pay by credit card, payroll, check, or other standard forms of payment.

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Survey Report

New in Service Pack 2016.01: We have improved the look of the survey analysis report. We have added color charts and text answer summaries. You can see samples on the project.

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Looking for options?

New in Service Pack 2016.01: Web options have been moved into the Web Customization Tree. We have also added a search function to help you find options quickly.


Designations on one row

New in Service Pack 2016.01: Now when you Data Mine and extract designations, there is a new check box labeled “Place all designations for each transaction on the same row.” Andar will add as many columns as needed to hold all designations.

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