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Schedule envelope closing

Did you know that you can schedule your envelopes to close overnight? This is a recent enhancement in Service Pack 2015.02 (last June).

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Thank You United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey and United Way Calgary and Area for assisting with this enhancement.

Stay Current

Check the bottom of your Andar Main Menu window... it should say “Release: 2015.02.01.” This is the most recent release of Andar. The first 4 digits represent the year, the next two digits are the release numbers for that year. The last two digits represent the patch number. We have two releases per year. The 01 release is in January and the 02 release is in June. Patches are optional. So, 2015.02.01 is the June release of 2015 with the first additional patch.

We always recommend that customers stay current so you can benefit from all the new features.

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Optionally, we can perform the upgrade for you for a nominal fee.


New in Service Pack 2015.02: Now all pop-up reminders are grouped together in one window. If you close the reminder pop-up window, you can reopen it from the Andar Main Menu window, using the “View” menu on the top menu bar.


Save account lists

New in Service Pack 2015.02: Have you seen the new icons at the bottom of most tables in Andar?  Icons The Excel icon will download the table of data into Excel. The standard folder icon will open the profile involved in the specific row. The new down-arrow icon will pull the list of accounts in the table and dump them into an account warehouse or mailing list.


Save Reports

New in Service Pack 2015.02:  You can now save all your data mining reports and spreadsheets directly to a folder on your server or network. Just use the new “Save Output” step and all reports created so far will be saved in the directory (folder) of your choice.

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Andar continues to move forward

Service Pack 2015.02 was released earlier this week and is now available for download.


e-Pledge Employee Information

New in Service Pack 2015.02: We have significantly enhanced information stored with the employee relationships. Specifically, companies can now have year-specific information for their employees. We have also added goals and employee counts by sort fields.

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Web Options Changed

New in Service Pack 2015.02:  Web options that controlled the text to display on various pages have been moved to web customizations. This change is necessary in preparation for major changes and restructuring of the web options.

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Data Mining Extract

When extracting data (creating a spreadsheet) for relative years, the spreadsheet column names are set to the year number. So if the current year is 2015 and you extract data using “*Current Year”, the column name included “2015". This caused the column names to change every year.

New in Service Pack 2015.02: the year number in column names will be set to “CurrentYear” and therefore will not change year to year.

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Combined e-Pledge Pages

New in Service Pack 2015.02: Similar to employee giving pages, the pledge type selection and amount entry can now be combined into one page for Corporate Gifts and Workplace Specific Event pages.

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