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Thank You

Campaigns are coming. Are you ready to thank your donors? With MIG you can design individually customized letters and have Andar automatically email them or print them ready for snail mail.


Furthermore, since 2015.01, you can assign specific thank you letters automatically based on gift range.

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Help Version

Do you have the correct version of the Andar Help installed?  It's easy to check, just click "Help" menu at the top of Andar and then click "Contents".


Your web browser should open and immediately under the header image, it should say "Help 2015.01".  If not, you must not have installed the latest help on your servers.


Payer Account

Do you have donors who have someone else pay their pledge? New in Service Pack 2015.01:  You are now able to enter a payment to pay someone else's pledge.  The donor will continue to be recognized and the receipt will be prepared for the person paying the pledge.  Partial payments are also supported.

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Fundraising For Impact

Last year we had created a few style sheets to allow a more creative display of community investment areas on the e-Pledge designation page.  It also included the immediate feedback of impact.  For example, giving $300 to an Education impact area provides 3 kids with tutoring for a year.  We have just released an updated version of this function, taking advantage of new features in Service Pack 2015.01 so you don’t need to know HTML or javascript.  It’s now easier than ever to customize your site.

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Show donor Facebook or Linked In Profiles in Andar

Did you know that by using Executive Plus and Andar together you are able to embed a person's Linked in or Facebook profile right on their Bio Tab? All you need is Service Pack 2015.01, import the following components into Andar, and place them on the desired individual Bio tab.

Facebook App

Linked In App

This gives you the option to easy drag and drop their photo and biography right into their Andar profile - It is a simple and powerful way to quickly expand data on your constituents.

Communication Pop-Up

New in Service Pack 2015.01: Multiple communication log pop-ups have now been combined into one window.  You still have all of the same functionality without having a multitude of windows.  If you close this window, it will not reopen unless a new communication log is due.  You can manually open your pop-up reminder window from the top menu bar of the Andar main menu window under “View”.

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Employee Leadership

New in Service Pack 2015.01:  Andar has two ways to calculate employee leadership.  It can follow the employee or stay with the company.  Which one is best for you?

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Drag and Drop

New in Service Pack 2015.01:  Did you know that you can drag and drop files between any attachment tab in Andar, between Windows and Andar, as well as from “My Output” to anywhere else?  Try it, it's easy.

We also added a new “Copy to clipboard” option on the bar and pie charts.  You can then paste these charts into your PowerPoints for your board meeting.  You can also copy/paste data from any table in Andar directly into Excel or PowerPoint.

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Portlet Container

New in Service Pack 2015.01:  We have created a new WYSIWYG editor for your web page layouts. It lets you manage your layout visually.  You can take a quick tour of the new editor by watching our new video.

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Abandoned e-Pledge

New in Service Pack 2015.01: We’ve created a new Web Access Log Inquiry menu item under e-Community, e-Community Reports.  With MIG, you can use the “Maintenance List” app to display the Web Access Log onto your dashboard.  Best of all, using filters, check the box “e-Pledge abandoned” to view only log entries where the pledging process started but was never completed.  You can click the “Session Details” button to see what browser they used, pages they visited, how far along the pledging process they were, how long they spent on each page, etc.

Click the folder icon at the bottom of the page to open the donor’s account so you can call them and immediately rescue the gift.

Note: The e-Pledge abandoned checkbox is also available in data mining.