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Top 10 Enhancements of 2014

2014 saw very significant growth for Andar.  We introduced many new integrated technologies to help our customers be more productive and focus their mission.

#1 Better Web Browser

We have added the ability to embed and integrate a full function browser within Andar. This means you can display a constituent’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter feeds as well as Google Maps directly into constituent profiles.
Read Project 71425...

#2 New Document Editor

We have upgraded the document editor within Andar to make it easier for everyone to create newsletters and web content within Andar.
Read Project 72885...

#3 New DMO Report

You can now easily create your own custom reports within Data Mining without the need of complex third party reporting tools.
Read Project 65545...

#4 Exchange Sync

Andar’s Outlook Connector can now synchronize emails, calendar items, contacts, and tasks directly with Exchange (hosted or not, including Office 365).
Read Project 80629...

#5 Statements Generation

Much like thank you letters and tax receipts, Statements can now be produced as printable or emailable documents. Andar’s content management system can customize Statements to include personalized contents and targeted marketing materials.
Read Project 78262...

#6 Letter component targeting

Letter components (custom sentences) can be included in thank you letters, tax receipts, statements and generic letters based on flexible conditions to easily customize and personalize these documents.
Read Project 77112...

#7 Outlook Buttons

New buttons were added to Outlook to provide direct access to Andar profile information from within Outlook emails.  Predefined sentences, paragraphs or marketing materials, stored in Andar, can be inserted into emails with one click.
Read Project 78797...

#8 Organize Dashboards

You can now organize dashboards into categories.  This allows those of you with many dashboards to group them together so they’re easier to find.
Read Project 81234...

#9 CyberSource API

We have upgraded e-Pledge to interface with CyberSource’s new Secure Acceptance APIs for a more robust PCI compliance process.
Read more at www.Andar360.com/SupportCenter

#10 Generic Letters

These general purpose letters can be used to solicit, inform, or otherwise communicate with constituents.  Using data mining, any constituent data can be used to customize and personalize the letter.
Read project 73489...

Other highlights can be viewed in our press releases for 2014.01, 2014.02, and 2014.03.  Of course, there were hundreds of other useful enhancements, too numerous to mention here.

Linked In

Did you know that you can store social network links in User Defined fields?  Just go to the “General” tab of profiles and add the link using a “LinkedIn” field type.  You will need to create this new “@LinkedInURL” field type first.  Make sure you select Hyperlink text when you define the field type.

If you have Executive Plus and Service Pack 2014.01.01, you can also add a “Web Browser” app to your profile bio tab.  When you do this, select your “LinkedIn” user defined field and click “Insert Variable”.  This will automatically display the LinkedIn page inside profile bio tabs.  This is a fully functioning web browser.

You can do the same for Facebook and twitter.

Read about User Defined Fields...

Documentation and Training Videos

Latest Help and 10 new training videos are available on the Support Center website.  

e-Volunteer (e14.01.01)

e-Volunteer Web Design Guide (e14.01.01)

How To Use Long Form Column Names for Data Imports (Andar 2014.01.01)

A Complete List of Connector Importable Fields (.xls) (Andar 2014.01.01)

New Training Videos (Andar 2013.03)

General Letters

New in Service Pack 2014.01: You can now create general purpose letters in Andar and send them via postal or email.  These letters could be personalized pledge cards, solicitation letters, or other communications.  You will find these letters under the communication menu in Andar. 

Read project 73489...

Data Mining Report

New in Service Pack 2014.01:  Did you know that with MIG, you can create detailed reports based on your data mined information?  By storing your extracted data into an SQL table (read more), you can use the Extract Table Report (found under the Data Mining menu) to create your report.  You can select your columns, sort your data, print subtotals and totals and layout the report as you wish.  The report can produce a PDF or CSV or both.  All of this can be saved and re-run as you wish.  You can also insert your data mining report inside your data mining operation so you can select accounts, extract data, and produce your report and even email it in one data mining operation.



New in Service Pack 2014.01:  If you have MIG and you edit filters on your dashboard apps, you will be asked if you wish to edit your personal filter or the global filter.  Now you can change your personal filter without affecting everyone else.

Read project 75842...

Documentation Update

The following documents have been updated:

Forgot My Password (Andar 2014.01)

Full Text Search

How to Save Report Submission Parameters and Customize Andar Reports (Andar 2014.01)

How to Create a Custom PDF and/or CSV report from an Existing Data Mining Extract Table (Andar 2014.01)

Interests (Andar 2014.01)

Interest Rating (Andar 2014.01)

Prospects (Andar 2014.01)

Prospect Touch Analysis Report (Andar 2014.01)

Prospect Metrics Analysis Report (Andar 2014.01)

Prospect Metrics Details Report (Andar 2014.01)

Prospect Forecast By Manager Report (Andar 2014.01)

Prospect Forecast By Manager Summary Report (Andar 2014.01)

Prospect Forecast By Account Report (Andar 2014.01)

Prospect Touch By Manager Report (Andar 2014.01)

Prospect Touch By Account Report (Andar 2014.01)

Prospect Report (Andar 2014.01)

New Web Browser

New in Service Pack 2014.01.  Did you know that, with MIG, you can put a web browser right on your dashboard?  You can actually go further and display your constituent’s social network page on their profile dashboard!

Here’s how to do it.  Go to your constituent profile, “General” tab, “User Defined” subtab.  There you can store various data fields.  Create three new field types in table master 200 for Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter as a Hyperlink text.  Search for your constituent’s Linked In profile, then cut and paste the URL in the Linked In user define field.

Now go to your constituents dashboard (Bio tab) and add a new Web Browser app.  For the web address, select your Linked In user defined field and click insert.  Check the checkbox “Stay within web browser app”.  Do this for all three Social Networks and you have a great research tool built right inside of Andar.

You will be asked to login to Linked In the very first time you use this.  Each of these browsers are fully functional.  You can click the various links to navigate your constituent’s network.


Event Summary Report

New in Service Pack 2014.01:  We have a new Event Summary report to show financial information for multiple occurrences of an event.

Read project 73872...  (Sample report attached.)