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Site-Specific User Procedures Documentation

Do you have processes documented specific to your site and how you handle various functions?   Sites can attach a specific document to the Help menu on a variety of windows in Enterprise. This will enable each site to include procedural documentation directly in the application. The User Procedure Documentation Codes (USDOCTAB), lists all available windows with this feature. Access this table via the Table of Tables (using either the Code Tables icon or File >> Open >> Data Management >> Code Tables).


The table lists the technical name of the window, a more user-friendly description of the window, and a document.  To add a document to any of the windows, either enter the document name, including the full path and file extension, or click on the ellipses to launch a Windows inquiry window and select the file. (As with most other Enterprise code table listings, this window can be sorted by any column by right-clicking on the column header.)  You can also filter the window using the Selection Criteria fields in the bottom of the window.


In this example, a .pdf called Gift Acquisition is being attached to the Gift Acquisition Maintenance window:



Click on the Save or Save & Close icon to save your changes.

 The next time any user launches the Gift Acquisition Maintenance window, a new option is available via the Help menu:


Click on this item to open the appropriate application and file in a new window.



The Site User Procedures for this Window Help menu item is invisible for any rows where no document is assigned or where status is Inactive.

Be sure to store the documentation in a shared location on your network. You can attach Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf). Note: If users have the appropriate applications installed, they will be able to modify updateable documents, so set security accordingly.

For a complete list of available windows, run the Code Table report. Open the User Procedures Documentation Codes Table in the Table of Tables, and select File >> Print.

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