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Search Party? Customizing the Account Inquiry Window

There are many ways to search for account information in Enterprise: Account Inquiry, Quick Search, F10 – Account Search by ID. The Account Inquiry window is the most flexible, letting each user set up the Search function in the way that is most conducive to the way they work.

You might consider the account inquiry window a ‘mini-query’ where you control which accounts you want to see and what data from those accounts.

Several default search settings are made based on ‘ Inquiry’ variables in the User Configuration profile. Within the User Configuration Settings, each user can choose whether all names should appear when querying, all addresses, all emails, all phone numbers, and whether to exclude deceased accounts from your search.



Throughout ENTERPRISE, you use inquiry windows to search for information. Many of these windows are customizable. You can choose which columns appear in the Accounts portion of the window, as well as the order of the columns. You can also customize the fields in the Selection portion of this window, picking which fields appear and the placement of the fields.

To customize inquiry windows, go to File > Open > User Profiles > Inquiry Window Display… You will be prompted to choose the Inquiry window you would like to customize.
Select the window you want to customize and click OK. The Inquiry Window Display will open.


Right click on a column or criteria field to:

  • Add or delete a column
  • Reset to a previous or default layout
  • Save your changes

Aligning Criteria Fields

  • Select more than one field (hold down Ctrl while selecting multiple fields)
  • Right Click and select Align Columns > Horizontal align or Vertical align

You can customize the Inquiry layout in the same way for all the windows listed below:

    • Campaign Code Inquiry
    • Customer Service
    • Designation Code Inquiry
    • Field Log Inquiry
    • My Accounts Inquiry
    • Project Code Inquiry
    • Sub-source Code Inquiry

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