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Set Default Acknowledgement Benefit Codes

Did you know that you can set up default acknowledgement benefit codes in your ENTERPRISE Codes Table?

These benefits are added to gifts if no other benefits are set during Gift Entry. Gift Entry follows a hierarchy when setting benefits, first checking the gift's Sub-Source Code, then Source Code, then Program Level Code. If no benefits are set, Batch Processing will default the appropriate Acknowledgement Code from the ENTERPRISE Codes Table.

In the ENTERPRISE Codes Table, you can set default values for the following:

  • ACKCOD_0PL - Non-Commitment Pledge Acknowledgement Code
  • ACKCOD_GFT - Default Acknowledgement Code (used for full-paid gifts)
  • ACKCOD_INS - Pledge Installment Acknowledgement Code



[Blog] Making a Lasting Impact Through Your Disaster Relief Efforts

Your nonprofit organization can greatly benefit from all of the hard work involved in responding to an emergency if the right planning is in place.

Take a look at the latest blog to learn more.

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Andar Software Employee of the Year

Earlier this year, we asked for your help in nominating an Andar Software Employee of the year. The nomination forms asked that you identify how the nominee performs beyond their "day-to-day" tasks and demonstrates dedication to their work and customers.

Thank you for sharing your input. We were happy to see numerous nominations pour in that were thoughtful and inspiring.

The winner of the Customer-Nominated Employee of the Year Award is Technical Support Specialist, Teresa Lowe-Hodges. Teresa was nominated by Joseph Redding, from Trident United Way, in North Charleston, South Carolina. Joseph shared with us that Teresa has a "calmness to her approach that only comes from deep experience and total confidence. She has the amazing ability to take fractured input, and (in her very calm, dry-humored way) always finds the solution."

Congratulations Teresa! Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your nomination with the Andar Software community!

Andar Software staff also took the time to nominate their colleagues. The winner of the Peer-Nominated Employee of the Year Award is Developer, Bardolph Tse. Bardolph is always willing to accept the next project even if he isn't familiar with the technology. He consistently maintains a positive outlook as he tackles new obstacles and is always able to resolve all challenges that come his way!

Congratulations Bardolph!

[Free Demo] PledgeLink - Online Giving Tool

Join us for a free 1-hour demonstration of our stand-alone online giving tool: PledgeLink. As we look to our future fundraising efforts in the current environment of social distancing and working remotely, our strategies also need to shift to accommodate donors.

The PledgeLink website offers nonprofit organizations the ability to create a customized user interface for companies and employees so that they can easily and efficiently access campaign information and make campaign pledges while ensuring that gift and designation options adhere to campaign system requirements. Organizations can define a 'default' electronic campaign for their organization, including gift options, designations, images, news, etc., thereby minimizing the administration associated with a workplace campaign. Company Administrators can then further customize PledgeLink to give it a specific "look and feel."

The demo dates are Thursday, June 11th, and Thursday, June 25th, at 2 PM EDT.

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Do You Need Help Filling the Gap?

The past few weeks have involved a lot of new challenges for everyone. Each day we are confronted with keeping abreast of the latest news on the coronavirus, in addition to adjusting to new physical distancing practices, and keeping ourselves and loved ones healthy. Along with all of these new practices, our work environments have been altered drastically. Video conference calls, fluctuating wifi connections, and working with kids in the room or pets on our laps has become the new norm.

It's a lot of newness in our lives! We want to reassure you that we are here to support you, and are reaching out to see if you need any help from us while you work from home. If your connection to ENTERPRISE is not secure or if your internet connections are not reliable, our team may be able to help you process pledges or fill areas where you may have current gaps.

Let us know if and how we can help you. We'd be happy to roll up our sleeves and support you through this unique period.

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