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ENTERPRISE Maintenance Release v2020.01

The new ENTERPRISE Maintenance Release is now available to download from the Support Center > Service Packs page.

This release contains all patches for ENTERPRISE v2019.02, as well as additional fixes made since v2019.02. For a complete list, see the Release Notes.

If you are an ENTERPRISE Express (hosted) site, we will contact you separately within the next few weeks to let you know when your upgrade is scheduled.

See Release Notes

Receive Help to Upgrade

Let us take something off your plate, assist your outsourced IT team, or fill the gap from the ENTERPRISE expert who recently left. We can upgrade your ENTERPRISE database to v2020.01 as part of our additional support services.

Download the ENTERPRISE Release Notes to learn about its new features and fixes, and share them with your ENTERPRISE team.

Contact us now to learn more and schedule your upgrade.

Don't forget to do a full database backup before you begin your upgrade.

Schedule Upgrade

IMPORTANT: Server Maintenance for ENTERPRISE Hosting Customers

This message only affects customers who are hosted by Andar Software on the cloud.

ENTERPRISE Hosting customers should note that maintenance will be performed the weekend of February 15, 2020, from 8 AM until noon, as part of our regularly scheduled maintenance. During this time, there will be brief periods during which customers will not be able to access hosted applications.

Protect Yourself From Phishing

In last week's ENTERPRISE Buzz newsletter, we included an article about email phishing scams and how to identify them. Now that you can more easily pick them out from the crowd, we want to arm you with some tips on how you can protect yourself from phishing attempts. By protecting yourself, you reduce your chances of being exposed to phishing emails.

The first layer of protection is your email spam filter. It works well to stop simple email scams from landing in your inbox. However, phishing emails come in all forms and levels of complexity. Scammers continually make advancements to get past email filters, so you should add extra layers of defense.

Install security software on your computer. Security software provides data and network security in a variety of forms, such as protection from viruses, malware, unauthorized users, and internet breaches. Some types of security software are anti-virus software, firewall software, network security software, Internet security software, malware/spamware removal software, and cryptographic software.

Set your software to update automatically. Software updates include performance and security improvements. Using the latest update keeps your software running safely and efficiently.

Use multi-factor authentication to protect your accounts. Multi-factor authentication offers extra security because it requires users to provide two or more credentials to log in to their accounts. If scammers have your username and password, the extra multi-factor authentication credentials make it harder for them to access your accounts.

Perform regular backups. It's essential to have backups of your files just in case you have hard drive failures, your system crashes, or you've had a malware security breach. By doing backups to an external drive or the cloud, you will still have access to all your files.

In next week's ENTERPRISE Buzz newsletter, we will share tips on what to do if you think you have been phished.

Nominate an Andar Software Employee of the Year

We need your help! At Andar Software, we find it important to recognize our employees for the hard work they do to extend the positive impact Andar Software has on you (our customers) and the nonprofit industry. We believe we have some pretty exceptional people working for us and would love to get your input on the matter.

Who do you think should be Employee of the Year?

Please help us by nominating an Andar Software staff member that you believe deserves to be recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Nominate Someone

Attend ENTERPRISE Academy

Attend ENTERPRISE Academy Classes to increase your knowledge of the software. You can participate from the comfort of your desk or welcome your colleagues to join along, plus ask questions on the spot if you want the instructor to explain something further.

There are a variety of topics and dates to choose from.

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