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Capturing Campaign Pledge Form Questions

You’ve spent your time and resources reviewing and revamping your campaign pledge forms for this campaign season. Are you interested in the Youth Leaders Group? Are you interested in Volunteering? Would you like a Planned Giving brochure or Annual Report? How do you capture and respond to the questions you’ve put forward on those forms?

Enterprise allows for this information to be input as the donor’s gift is being processed, on the gift entry transaction window. This means the pledge form can be handled just once, but the information will be available to the appropriate team member.



The items you want to capture from your pledge form are added to the Integration Field Codes table, along with their label and sequence. These items are now displayed on the transaction window during gift entry with a corresponding checkbox.

Now that the Donor Role or Interest data is captured, you can run the appropriate Enterprise Report, using the Category and Type relevant to the area in question. Your Donor Role or Interest Report will give you a list, with names and addresses, of all those expressing an Interest in Volunteering, or of those requesting your Annual Report.



If you have questions or would like some assistance setting this up, contact the Enterprise Support team at

New Telephone Number

We have a new phone system. Our old help desk phone number, 617.218.5100, as well as all the staff direct dial numbers, are inactive.

Moving forward, please use 877.479.3780, and Press 13, for Enterprise Help Desk calls.

If you have difficulties with our new phone system, please email In your email, include the problem you had with the phone system along with your ENTERPRISE question.

Learn New ENTERPRISE Skills

Attend ENTERPRISE Academy Classes to increase your knowledge of the software. You can participate from the comfort of your desk or welcome your colleagues to join along, plus ask questions on the spot if you want the instructor to explain something further.

There are a variety of topics and dates to choose from. Visit this link to view class descriptions and times.

Coming Soon! ENTERPRISE v2019.02

The new version of ENTERPRISE v2019.02 is scheduled to be released this summer!

Watch for details of featured enhancements in the upcoming issues of Buzz.

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