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New in 2020.02: Export and Import Attendees From CSV Files

There is a new Export/Import button on the Event Account > Attendance Tab. You can select the event attendances and export them to a CSV file using the new Export button. The exported CSV file can then be updated in a different application such as Excel and imported back to Andar using the new Import button.

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Maintaining Expectancy Gifts

Expectancy Gifts are “future” gifts such as bequests, gifts of insurance, etc. When the actual gift is received and entered as a transaction in Andar/360, the matching Expectancy Gift can be linked to the actual gift.

Accounts that are related to the Expectancy Gifts (for example, financial advisors, solicitors, etc.) can be recorded in Gift Relationships on Expectancy Gifts. These Gifts Relationships can be copied from the Expectancy Gift to the actual gift.

Learn more about maintaining Expectancy Gifts in Customer Support.

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“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”
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