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A Special Thank You

Just over thirty-two years ago, two gentlemen left their positions at a company called LGS to begin what is now known as Andar Software. When Réal Bédard and André Marcil started their journey, they developed several different projects. Of their many creations, the two that made the most impact were named FMS and Andar/360. Andar/360 has been implemented at nearly 400 of the largest United Ways in the United States and Canada. The software is used by thousands each month. Social good organizations use it to process over four billion dollars annually.

This past Tuesday was Réal's last day with Andar Software. We want to take this opportunity to thank Réal, along with his family, for the many years of work.

Réal, thank you for your dedication to the company and the commitment to each of your staff and colleagues. Your contributions to the industry will never be forgotten. We wish you an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement!

Connect Microsoft Outlook and Andar/360

Easily maintain the most up to date information in your database by using the MS Outlook Connector module. This module contains an add-in that allows you to import emails and appointments directly from Outlook into Andar/360 communication logs without setting up a synchronization folder. Plus, you can export accounts from Andar/360 into your Outlook contact folders and integrate Andar Plan tasks with Outlook tasks.

The MS Outlook Connector module is a handy time-saver. It also guarantees that critical emails that are sent or received by one staff member are shared with all members of the organization.

Get the quick facts on the module by downloading the fact sheet on our website. If you'd like to read additional details, Customer Support contains thorough information about the module's features.

To see the Microsoft Outlook Connector module in action, sign up for a free demo below.

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Account Searches in Andar/360

The Account Search function on the Andar/360 main menu is a very useful tool. You may get a limited number of results when you search using the field at the top of the screen. If your search doesn't populate what you're looking for, it doesn't mean it isn't in Andar/360. If in doubt, click 'Perform Individual Keyword Search' in the drop-down or use the Account Search option on the Main Menu.

Include 'Hidden' Data with Outlook Connector

Do you have the right settings in place to avoid losing information when a communication log is created using the Outlook Connector module?

Outlook Connector can be set up to create communication logs that only contain 'plain text.' This setting avoids adding large records to the database, such as images that are attached or embedded in an email. However, only uploading 'plain text' prevents items such as hyperlinks from having the underlying URL included in the log. Allow all the information in the email to be included in communication logs by updating your settings in either System Preferences or Personal Preferences.

Update Preferences

Have We Talked Lately?

Did you know you can choose to only look at accounts that you have communicated with since a specific date? For example, you can filter your view from the first date of the current month.

This feature requires the MIG (Major Individual Gift) license.

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Quote of the Week

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

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