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[Blog] Making a Lasting Impact Through Your Disaster Relief Efforts

Your nonprofit organization can greatly benefit from all of the hard work involved in responding to an emergency if the right planning is in place.

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Andar e-Pledge Training

Online pledges will be widely used this fall. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn more about Andar e-Pledge, the online pledging module for Andar/360.

The two classes available in June are:

  • e-Pledge Refresher: Take a tour of the things you need to know for running your e-Pledge Campaigns in the coming season. The class will cover suggested deadlines, basic steps to running a campaign, and new features.
  • Campaign 1-2-3 Easy (Campaign Registration): Campaign registration has been a recent ‘hot topic’ on the Yahoo! User’s Group. We are offering an in-depth look at this component of e-Pledge to aid you in your upcoming campaigns. This component offers a wide array of automation features that can be critical to recruit and maintain your participating organizations effectively.

Learn more about the e-Classes on our website.

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Andar Software Employee of the Year

Earlier this year, we asked for your help in nominating an Andar Software Employee of the year. The nomination forms asked that you identify how the nominee performs beyond their "day-to-day" tasks and demonstrates dedication to their work and customers.

Thank you for sharing your input. We were happy to see numerous nominations pour in that were thoughtful and inspiring.

The winner of the Customer-Nominated Employee of the Year Award is Technical Support Specialist, Teresa Lowe-Hodges. Teresa was nominated by Joseph Redding, from Trident United Way, in North Charleston, South Carolina. Joseph shared with us that Teresa has a "calmness to her approach that only comes from deep experience and total confidence. She has the amazing ability to take fractured input, and (in her very calm, dry-humored way) always finds the solution."

Congratulations Teresa! Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your nomination with the Andar Software community!

Andar Software staff also took the time to nominate their colleagues. The winner of the Peer-Nominated Employee of the Year Award is Developer, Bardolph Tse. Bardolph is always willing to accept the next project even if he isn't familiar with the technology. He consistently maintains a positive outlook as he tackles new obstacles and is always able to resolve all challenges that come his way!

Congratulations Bardolph!

Andar e-Community Pecking Order Chart

Web Options control the functionalities of Andar e-Community. For example, they determine which menu will be shown, whether or not donors are allowed to make designations, the available pledge types, etc. When Andar/360 looks for the Web Options to use for the account that is signed on, it will search the accounts based on the Web Option pecking order.

Learn more about pecking orders from a handy chart in Customer Support.

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Dealing with Inconsistent Images in Report Headers

In System Preferences, there is an option to include a URL to an image that will be included in report headers. You can find this option in System Preferences > Andar Reports > MIG > Report Headers > URL for report header image.

Some customers have encountered inconsistency in whether these images are displayed in all reports. This is typically due to how quickly the image may be retrieved from the network location as the report writing program will skip the image if it cannot be retrieved in two seconds. A solution to this challenge is to save the image in your File Library and use the URL from the File Library location.

Take a look at this project in Customer Support to learn more.

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Andar/360 API Module

The Andar API module allows data to be imported or exported remotely through a REST API. With this module, users can run operations to retrieve Andar data and submit Andar Connector to import data into Andar/360.

The API module allows importing the same data as currently imported through the Andar Connector.

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Resource Development FAQs

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Resource Development & Andar/360 in Customer Support.

The content is organized by sections such as, "Quickest ways to access account or campaign information," and "Communications, Mailing List Subscriptions, Plans and Tasks."

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