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What is Campaign 1-2-3 Easy?

Campaign 1-2-3-Easy is part of e-Pledge. It is designed to automate registrations and the setup of e-Pledge campaigns. The Campaign 1-2-3-Easy feature contains a Campaign Registration Page and a Customization Page.

The Campaign Registration Page allows new organizations that are interested in running e-Pledge campaigns to register online. Organizations will provide information such as name and address, contact person, the number of employees, etc. The campaign registrations will be reviewed by the Fundraiser and approved in Andar, then all the information provided will be recorded in Andar for the organization accounts. An automatic email will be sent to the individual who performed the registration when their campaign registration application has been approved so they can get started on their e-Pledge campaign.

The Customization Page is intended to automate and simplify the e-Pledge campaign process for the Fundraiser and also give organizations more control over the content displayed on their pledging webpages. Organizations will decide when to start a campaign and when to end a campaign. Web Envelopes, User IDs, passwords, and Role for the administrator login will be created automatically when they start a campaign.

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Are You Getting the Answers and Service You Need On Your ?How To? Projects?

We want to make sure you are satisfied with the results of your ‘How To’ projects.

As a result, we will be sending you an email when your Support Analyst has completed your ‘How To’ project. This email will have buttons that will allow you to let Andar Software know everything went OK and give you a chance to notify us when there may still be issues or a concern about the process.

[Webinar Recording] Be Prepared to Receive and Distribute Funds If An Emergency Occurs

When a crisis arises and disrupts society, it's of utmost importance for nonprofits to jump into action right away.

Why is it vital for your organization to respond quickly during a crisis? It shows that you are in touch with the needs of your community. It demonstrates to the public that you are agile and ready to face unchartered challenges. More importantly, responding quickly to a crisis is your responsibility; it's what the public expects and needs from you.

Dive a little deeper into the concept by watching this webinar recording. The webinar is for organizations that do not currently use Andar e-Pledge and would like to learn more about the module. The content covers:

  • Why it's important to distribute your emergency funds locally
  • How a database that is integrated with Andar e-Pledge can get you immediate results
  • How you can collect donations quickly and have the funds available right away
  • How you can distribute funds to charities in need without delays

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New e-Classes Available

Online pledges will be widely used this fall. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn more about Andar e-Pledge, the online pledging module for Andar/360.

The two classes available in June are:

  • e-Pledge Refresher: Take a tour of the things you need to know for running your e-Pledge Campaigns in the coming season. The class will cover suggested deadlines, basic steps to running a campaign, and new features.
  • Campaign 1-2-3 Easy (Campaign Registration): Campaign registration has been a recent ‘hot topic’ on the Yahoo! User’s Group. We are offering an in-depth look at this component of e-Pledge to aid you in your upcoming campaigns. This component offers a wide array of automation features that can be critical to recruit and maintain your participating organizations effectively.

Learn more about the e-Classes on our website.

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HTML Formatting on Community Building Forms

CB Forms have historically had problems when a user copies data from a word processing document, pastes it into a text cell and then attempts to save or submit the form. The code validating information in the input fields has been modified recently to remove HTML coding — other than standard paragraph breaks — from the pasted text to reduce difficulties for customers and web users where logins were disabled due to “hack attempts.”

Read more in this project in Customer Support.

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Major Individual Gift (MIG) Module Features and Functions

The Major Individual Gift (MIG) module has a growing list of features and functions integrated throughout the entire Andar/360 product. You can learn more about the MIG Module in this overview.

Have you ever wondered what features you have access to with the MIG module? Check out this consolidated list of the MIG functions and who in your organization might use them.

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Quote of the Week

“We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action. Fear is nature’s way of warning us to get busy.”
Henry C. Link

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