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[Blog] Have You Been Phished?

Our reliance on technology comes with an abundance of benefits, but it also comes with a bunch of new obstacles. One of those obstacles: email scams. How many times a week do you receive an email that looks or sounds questionable?

Learn how to recognize phishing scams and protect yourself in this blog.

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Retrieve Older Versions of Articles

The 'Audit' tab in an 'Article' window stores different versions of the article. This feature gives you the ability to restore earlier versions of an article. The information that is archived includes the article itself, the set of currently 'attached files', and the set of currently defined article 'interests'.

Read more details in Customer Support.

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[Free Webinar] Online Pledges: Adapting to the Changing Fundraising Landscape

In the next few months, your workplace campaign strategy may need to be entirely replaced by an online pledging approach. How will you adapt your process to set your nonprofit organization up for success?

This webinar will review the following online pledging tactics:

  • The different online donor authentication methods that are available in Andar e-Pledge (email with a link, single sign-on, and registrant role) to uncover the one that is the most effective to use
  • The various modes of giving in Andar e-Pledge (multi-step pledging, shopping cart pledging, and single page pledging) to determine the best method for you to offer donors
  • How to launch 'Campaign 1-2-3 Easy' using Andar e-Pledge

Register to attend the live webinar on May 12, 2020, at 2 PM.

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Featured Enhancements List

We recently developed a Featured Enhancements List to collect feedback from you and other Andar/360 users.

This month, we’ve got a set of suggested code changes to i-Access. i-Access enables staff working remotely to see and maintain account information on the web. To learn more about i-Access, download the Fact Sheet, and visit Customer Support.

Check out the current list of enhancements and let us know what projects interest you!

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Download Training Guides

Looking for the most recent copy of a training guide to learn from or refresh your Andar/360 skills? Take a look at our updated guides on our support center.

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Quote of the Week

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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