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Meet New People

Increase your professional network, and take your career to a new level by attending the 2020 Andar Software Users Group Conference.

Experience two days of hands-on training on Andar/360 during the Pre-Conference, and also learn best practices from guest customer speakers and Andar experts during the second two days at the General Conference.

Don't miss out! It's happening in Myrtle Beach, SC from May 18-21, 2020.

Did You Miss the Live Webinar?

Don't worry. We have you covered. You can view a recording of "Stop Losing Your Donors" on our website. The information-packed webinar co-hosted by Perspectives Consulting Group and Andar Software tackles one of the biggest challenges facing nonprofits that rely on corporate giving: Donor Loss.

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What To Do If You've Been Phished

In the past two weeks, we have included informative articles about how to identify email phishing scams and how to protect yourself against them. Today, we'll cover tips on what to do if you think you've been phished.

Don't click and don't forward it to colleagues. If a questionable email is in your inbox, don't open any attachments in it, don't click any hyperlinks in it, and refrain from forwarding it to anyone else so that you don't expose them to the risk of being phished. Instead, contact your IT personnel and let them know of the email. They'll be able to assess if it is a phishing attempt and communicate the results with the rest of the organization to help protect others who may be targetted.

Put your security software into action. If you think you clicked on a link or attachment that contains harmful software, you should run a full system security scan of your computer right away. An immediate scan may prevent the threat from spreading. You should also ensure that your security software is up to date. As we covered last week, software updates include performance and security improvements. The phishing email may have gotten into your inbox because you're not using the latest version of the security software. Make sure to make all updates as soon as possible to prevent phishing threats.

Change your passwords. If you think scammers have your personal information, you should change all of your passwords and potentially your credit card information, your bank account number, and much more depending on the level of threat. To know what steps to take, you can visit this website in the US or this one in Canada.

Report it. By reporting the phishing attempt, you're helping authorities fight against future threats. If you're in the US, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. If you're in Canada, your complaint should be made with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

We hope this three-part series of articles on phishing scams have helped you be a little more informed and a lot safer!

Prevent Credit Card Fraud

If you have the Credit Card and ACH Processing module (CCAP), Andar/360 includes an optional feature called PCI Compliance that you can use. To enable PCI Compliance, you must also have a contract with CyberSource (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa). With PCI Compliance enabled, your donors' personal credit card information is more safely tucked away in CyberSource (instead of in Andar/360).

When choosing your settings in CyberSource's Business Center website, one of the options dictates whether or not you require matching the address that gets entered with the donor's payment against the bill-to address that is associated with the cardholder. It is possible to tell CyberSource to "Ignore Address Verification Results." (This is an option in the set up of the CyberSource Secure Acceptance Profile, and some customers have historically chosen this option because they thought they might not always have a valid address.)

Today's Safety Tip: It is safest NOT to ignore the address verification results. Instead, force/require the donor to provide the correct address of the cardholder. Further, it is also wise to Turn ON Andar/360's web option titled "Do Not Pre-Populate Address." While it requires additional typing by the online donor, it is undoubtedly a valuable option for the prevention of credit card fraud.

Visit Customer Support to learn more about PCI compliance and CyberSource.

New in 2020.01: Show Bio Tabs on Account Profiles

You can now simplify your workspace in Andar/360 by hiding tabs you don't use. In version 2020.01, there's an option to show specified bio tabs on account profiles and hide all other tabs.

This option can also be tailored to specific global bio tabs designed for certain users and user groups.

Qualify Prospects for a Major Gift or Planned Gift

The Analytics sub-tab in the CRM tab contains data acquired from Wealth Research firms. This data includes a great deal of both demographic and psychographic data which can then be used to prospect individuals for a Major Gift or Planned Gift.

The acquired data varies from one firm to another, but can include such things as a person's net assets, current income, indirect holdings, largest gift given to a philanthropy or propensity to give. Two popular wealth research firms are Wealth Engine and Donor Search. With Donor Search, a web page may be imbedded in the constituent profile and research returned is populated directly into the profile. This is found on the Individual Account Profile > CRM tab > Analytics Sub-Tab. With Wealth Engine, the data can be imported into the Analytics tab through the Andar connector.

Once imported, this data can be used to effectively qualify prospects for a Major Gift or Planned Gift. For example, the pattern tab and analytics data can identify individuals who have given consistently over time (pattern tab) and who have a high net worth and propensity to give (analytics tab). This type of profile would be well qualified for solicitation of a Planned Gift.

The Bio Analytics App can be added to custom Bio Tabs on the Individual account profiles and to Dashboards via the Account Information App. You can select and display any analytic data for the account on this app.

Quote of the Week

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa

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