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Choosing the Right CRM Strategy for Your Local Organization

What kind of functionality does your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database have?

This webinar will help Development Teams, Back-Office Teams, and Executives evaluate the differences between using Andar/360 as their CRM, using Salesforce as their CRM, or using both options concurrently. We will discuss the data management opportunities available and uncover the pros and cons of each one.

After this webinar, attendees will be able to more carefully assess what their local organization’s needs are and clearly identify the challenges that are preventing them from operational efficiency.

Be a Speaker and Receive 15% Off Your Registration Fee

Sign up to be a guest speaker at this year's Users Group Conference! As a speaker you'll not only receive a 15% discount off your registration fee, you'll also:

  • Increase your professional network
  • Show off your skills as a nonprofit expert
  • Develop your presentation skills
  • Become a trusted mentor to your peers
  • Gain exposure to business opportunities
  • Set yourself apart from colleagues in your organization

Need we say more?

Protect Yourself From Phishing

In last week's Coffee Break newsletter, we included an article about email phishing scams and how to identify them. Now that you can more easily pick them out from the crowd, we want to arm you with some tips on how you can protect yourself from phishing attempts. By protecting yourself, you reduce your chances of being exposed to phishing emails.

The first layer of protection is your email spam filter. It works well to stop simple email scams from landing in your inbox. However, phishing emails come in all forms and levels of complexity. Scammers continually make advancements to get past email filters, so you should add extra layers of defense.

Install security software on your computer. Security software provides data and network security in a variety of forms, such as protection from viruses, malware, unauthorized users, and internet breaches. Some types of security software are anti-virus software, firewall software, network security software, Internet security software, malware/spamware removal software, and cryptographic software.

Set your software to update automatically. Software updates include performance and security improvements. Using the latest update keeps your software running safely and efficiently.

Use multi-factor authentication to protect your accounts. Multi-factor authentication offers extra security because it requires users to provide two or more credentials to log in to their accounts. If scammers have your username and password, the extra multi-factor authentication credentials make it harder for them to access your accounts.

Perform regular backups. It's essential to have backups of your files just in case you have hard drive failures, your system crashes, or you've had a malware security breach. By doing backups to an external drive or the cloud, you will still have access to all your files.

In next week's Coffee Break newsletter, we will share tips on what to do if you think you have been phished.

Why Raising More Money Shouldn't be Your Goal

Join Andar Software at the 2020 Great Rivers Conference. We'll be leading a session on Tuesday afternoon, February 18, from 3:15 - 4:30 PM.

The session, titled 'Why Raising More Money Shouldn't be Your Goal,' will teach you how to dive deeper and take your data analysis to the next level. You'll be able to hear how other United Ways analyze their CRM data to create actionable goals that lead to positive results. Plus, walk away from the session with a worksheet that you can apply to your organization. We hope to see you there!

Is 'Free' Software Actually Free?

On February 4th, the Nonprofit Times shared an article titled, "'Free' Fundraising Software Can Cost A Fortune." The content of the article caught our attention, and we think you will find it interesting too. There can be a lot of hidden costs when implementing and maintaining new software. The article provides tips on ways to look at cost before choosing new "free" software.

Find Lost Donors in the Gift Months Sub-Tab

The 'Gift Months' Sub-Tab shows how many gifts an individual gave for each month and the month in which the donor gave the maximum number of gifts ('Maximum Gift Month').

'Gift Month' tracks how many times the donor gave in a month, not how much he/she gave. 'Gift Month' is based on the 'Create Date' of e-Pledge transactions and the 'Accounting Date' of Andar transactions. Gift Months are updated for each individual on the transactions when an envelope is closed. If needed, 'Gift Months' can be rebuilt and data-mined. 

Use this data to more quickly reach out to a donor who may have missed giving when they typically give!

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
Albert Einstein

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